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Air pollution causes great risks to our health

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently stipulated air pollution may be 2-5 times higher inside than outside! This is especially troubling when you consider how much time we spend indoors, and the perception that our air at home is clean.

The scientist from European Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service (CAMS), are continually monitoring air quality in Europe and around the world using satellite and ground-based observations and advanced numerical models. According to their findings not only Southern but also Northern countries could be highly affected by higher air pollution. Reporting’s from all around the world are showing the same: the health of people is affected by this pollution and there are many symptoms spreading: affected throat, cough, higher risk for asthma or headache are just a few of them.

The benefits of Air purifier

Today air purifiers are the best way to drastically reduce air pollutants. The benefits of an air purifier help managing indoor air quality and greatly impact our quality of life. This fine product reduces the risk of transmission of pathogens, as well as improves allergy symptoms and breathing conditions. Filtering the air through microscopic filters and trapping the pollutants as well as allergens can help sustain and maintain our good health condition. A controlled study in the Yonsei Medical Journal found that air purifiers significantly reduced medication use in those who struggled with respiratory symptoms caused by their allergies.

Gorenje’s top model
 AP500 SENSE AIR and Hisense's top model AP580HSN contain quality filters and an ionizer, which work together to provide clean and fresh air. Each replaceable 3in1 filter consists at least of a pre-filter, a HEPA filter and an activated carbon filter, resulting in a state-of-the-art air purification system. Activated charcoal will remove unpleasant odours, and a special light alerts you when it's time to replace the filter. This air purifiers display the current air quality using an LED light ring measured by internal sensors. In Gorenje's model you will find red for poor, orange for acceptable, and blue for excellent. You can also check the number of solid particles and the chemical pollution of the air around you. Suitable for rooms up to 60m2 or 75m2  with 500 m3/h or 580 m3/h clean air delivery rate, they rate also as officially allergy-friendly appliances and can sustain healthy environment for the habitants.

Air quality in high winter will probably get even lower, so now is the time to act. We suggest you use every material on your dispose to make our air purifiers priority products on the market, clearly reachable to wide audience. Everybody should have the possibility to breath clean air indoors, so having a fine air purifier will soon be a must.

Check out the material, re-use it with scientific re-sources and - go to the markets!

Sources and reportings you can use:
Air quality | Copernicus >>

Slovenian national Agency for Health and Health Care recommends careful monitoring of the air and regular ventilation, and we are sure, others would join in this. 

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