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Dear colleagues, 

unlock the power of PR in 2024 to elevate our Hisense and Gorenje brands and capture the spotlight in the dynamic market landscape. With the buzz from the just-concluded CES 2024 still reverberating, seize the upcoming opportunities at the highly anticipated UEFA EURO 2024™ and IFA 2024. Showcase the latest innovations from our product lines from consumer electronics to home appliances, ensuring Hisense and Gorenje remains at the forefront of industry conversations. This year presents a multitude of chances to amplify your reach and solidify your market presence through strategic PR initiatives. Embrace the momentum and let your brand shine in the spotlight of 2024's key events.

We've kicked off the year with remarkable coverage from CES 2024, and now get ready for a wave of new, fresh content:

1. Hisense 2024 TV line up

In 2024, Hisense aims to solidify its position in the TV business with an unwavering commitment to innovation. As a proud official partner of UEFA EURO 2024™, their top models, featuring Mini-LED technology on screens up to 100 inches, promise an unparalleled sport viewing experience. With a diverse range of categories and models, from entry-level Smart TVs to cutting-edge Mini-LED ULED and QLED options, Hisense offers something for every tech enthusiast, gamer, and cinephile. The company's focus on sustainability, with features like Solar Powered Remotes and Energy Saving Mode, ensures a win-win situation for both Hisense and its customers in 2024.

2. Elevate your culinary experience with smart kitchen solutions

Immerse yourself in a culinary revolution with smart kitchen solutions, as the demand for efficient and convenient living rises. Platforms like ConnectLife from Hisense, Gorenje, ASKO brands streamline kitchen management, offering features such as fool proof recipes, customizable shopping lists, and in-app oven controls. Experience stress-free cooking, precision, and efficiency, as smart living transforms meal planning into a delightful, time-saving endeavour. Say farewell to guesswork and embrace a smarter, more enjoyable cooking experience.

3. Gorenje how to buy guide: 5 steps to select your ideal washing machine

Make an informed choice with our 5-step guide to selecting the perfect washing machine. Begin by assessing your space, then choose between classic or washer-dryer types based on your needs. Consider capacity options tailored to your household size and lifestyle. Identify specific features like energy efficiency, noise levels, spin speed, loading preferences, and special programs. Explore innovative features such as AutoDose and StainExpert. Finally, add a personal touch by choosing a color that complements your home aesthetics. Simplify your decision-making and enhance your laundry experience.

4. Gorenje how to buy guide: 5 steps to choose the best tumble dryer

Navigate the world of tumble dryers with our 5-step guide to find your perfect match. Assess your space, from layout to available dimensions, and decide between a classic tumble dryer or a washer-dryer combo. Tailor your choice based on capacity, with options ranging from small to large to suit various household sizes. Consider energy efficiency, noise levels, and special programs like Quick Dry or Nature Dry. Embrace innovative features like DrySync and SteamTech for an enhanced laundry experience. Finally, add a personal touch by choosing a color that complements your home. Simplify your decision-making and enjoy efficient laundry days ahead.

5. Perfect time to show your love

This Valentine's Day, express your love with thoughtful and practical gifts from Gorenje's selection of small domestic appliances. Special products and prices, available from February 1st to February 15th, offer emotionally beautiful shopping experiences. Boost your loved one's immune system with products like the VitaWay Slow Juicer and Blender BN1000E. Create tasty romantic meals with the Gorenje contact grill, Ice maker ICM10W, Turkish Coffee maker ATCM730T, or the Retro-designed Kitchen Machine MMC1000RL. These appliances, with modern elegance and high performance, make unforgettable Valentine's Day gifts, bringing sparks to your loved one's eyes.

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