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please find below fresh content related to Hisense and Gorenje brands on various topics from European Quality Trademark Certification to How to buy guides. 

1. European Quality Trademark Certification 
Hisense Europe receives the European Quality Trademark (EQTM) for its range including ovens, cookers, and washing machines for Gorenje and Hisense appliances. The certification reflects dedication to quality, innovation, and customer-centricity. Established in 1956, the European Organization for Quality (EOQ) promotes quality principles internationally. EOQ's new quality mark, EQTM, evaluates product quality and business performance, emphasizing environmental and social responsibility. Hisense's certification showcases adherence to rigorous standards, marking a commitment to excellence and innovation in the industry.

2. Hisense Mini LED U8N and 144Hz QLED E7N PRO
Hisense U8N heralds a new era of personal entertainment with stunning features. Mini-LED PRO technology offers superior brightness and clarity, while Hollywood-approved enhancements like IMAX Enhanced and Dolby Vision ensure a cinematic experience at home. Hi-View Engine PRO and Total HDR Solution optimize visuals, while Hi-Concerto bridges TV and soundbar for immersive audio. Gamers benefit from 120Hz Ultra Motion Mode, while voice control and eco-friendly design add convenience. Welcome to the future of home entertainment.
Introducing Hisense E7 PRO, the ultimate gaming TV offering unrivalled performance and immersive experience. Featuring 144Hz Game Mode PRO, HDMI 2.1, and low latency MEMC, it ensures smooth gameplay. Total HDR Solution Adaptive guarantees perfect detail, while Quantum Dot Color and Dolby Vision IQ enhance visuals. Built-In Subwoofer elevates sound quality, while Filmmaker Mode and Low Blue Light certification enhance viewing comfort. With VIDAA OS and voice control, it's a seamless, personalized entertainment experience.

3. How to buy guides for refrigerators (Gorenje and Hisense)
This guide outlines four essential steps to choosing the perfect refrigerator to suit your needs. First, assess your kitchen space and decide between built-in or freestanding options. Next, consider capacity and configuration, whether for a smaller household or a larger family. Then, evaluate storage and performance features such as specialized compartments and energy efficiency. Finally, select your preferred colour to complement your kitchen's aesthetics.

4. Hisense BCD-535W and BCD-570W
Introducing the Hisense BCD-535W refrigerator, a sleek and efficient addition to any modern household. With a side-by-side setup and convenient water and ice dispenser, it offers ample storage and easy access. The Multi Air Flow System ensures consistent temperatures, keeping food fresh longer. Independent temperature control for fridge and freezer zones optimizes freshness. Its elegant design, available in Inox and Inox Black, enhances any kitchen space, while smart features like LED touch controls and self-closing doors add convenience.
The Hisense BCD-570W refrigerator, a stylish and efficient addition to any home. Produced in Europe, it boasts a side-by-side configuration and advanced Multi Air Flow System for consistent cooling. Independent temperature controls ensure freshness, while recessed handles and sleek design options in Inox and Inox Black elevate kitchen aesthetics. With convenient touch controls, LED lighting, and a self-closing door system, it combines practicality with elegance for a superior cooling experience.

5. Hisense Stylish Energy Pro X makes UEFA EURO 2024 even more exciting
Get ready for UEFA Euro 2024 excitement with Hisense Stylish Energy Pro X air conditioner, the official sponsor of this summer's championship. Control it effortlessly via remote, smartphone, or voice commands for ultimate convenience. Enjoy quiet operation, energy efficiency, and HI-NANO sterilization for healthy air. Advanced features like self-cleaning, multi-dimensional airflow, and smart sensors ensure tailored comfort. Stay cool during the games and beyond with Energy Pro X.

6. Hisense microwaves with InverterTech power
Hisense introduces its cutting-edge microwave inverter technology, promising precise cooking with consistent power delivery. With benefits including even cooking, energy efficiency, and reduced noise, the InverterTech ensures food retains flavor and nutrients. The initial four models offer various capacities and features like auto-cooking menus and grill options. With a 5-year warranty and sleek design, Hisense aims to revolutionize kitchen efficiency and culinary experience.
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