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  Gorenje, a Hisense company  
We are happy to share that we've developed a fresh new toolbox that are specially made for e-comm use. These e-toolboxes aim to:
  • Increase product visibility and ensure the product is easily recognizable and accessible to the on-e-commerce platforms and through DM channels. It's crucial to create ideal conditions for "e-commerce marketers" to easily promote the product on their platform.
  • Educate and engage customers with providing necessary information about the product, its advantages, and usage methods to increase customer engagement and encourage purchase decisions.
  • Support the Sales Process and facilitate the buying process with clear instructions, easily accessible product information, and an efficient ordering system.

There is a huge potential for SDA outside, on e-comm platforms. So, we hope you will use all the materials in as many ways as possible and increase the e-comm visibility and sales. 

You can find the e-toolboxes for some hero models with all the open files on Mabagor. Here is the current list: 

Contact Grill HCG1600DBT
Ice maker ICM2000A
Robot vacuum cleaner RVCLS144AB
Microwave oven H25MOBS4HGI
Microwave oven H20MOBS4HI
Cordless vacuum cleaner HVC676451DA Hi Move IV 
Vacuum sealer VS120EPRO
Vacuum sealer VS110BE

For any additional questions or requests, please contact us:
Andreja Cepuš: andreja.cepus@gorenje.com

Špela Menih Novak:
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