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  Gorenje, a Hisense company  
Gorenje Cooling - Tips & Tricks booklet
As we have already announced when the laundry tips and tricks were released, we are now sharing with you a brochure with practical tips for optimal and efficient food storage. Our customers can find advice on how to choose fresh and high-quality foods, how to prolong their shelf life and preserve nutrients through proper storage. As well as how to use leftovers wisely and how to reduce the amount of food wasted due to the expiration date. With such knowledge and a smartly chosen refrigerator or freezer, they could act more sustainably, live healthier and save some extra money. 

The curated collection of useful tips and tricks subtly includes features and functions of Gorenje fridge-freezer, which best highlight the advantages of our appliances and their functionality. Stay tuned for a similar initiative tailored to our cooking product category.
Tips & Tricks booklet
Developed content offer you a multipurpose usage: as a printed brochure; interactive pdf for digital (e.g., for increasing consumer data base – new Newsletter recipients) or knowledge base to create various social media feeds to support cooling category. 
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