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Dear Colleagues,

please find below the latest content related to the Hisense and Gorenje brands, covering various topics, still focusing on the UEFA EURO 2024™ themes. For communications in the TV category, emphasize the messages highlighting Hisense TV, Global No.2 & Hisense 100" TV, Global No.1. 

1. Hisense Never Settle For No.2 Globally

Focus communication on “Hisense TV Global No.2, Hisense Never Settle For No. Globally”, to strengthen communication and consolidate Hisense’s positioning. Continue to maintain the lead position in 100-inch TV and Laser TV promotions as well. This prepared various content highlights Hisense’s capabilities as the World No.1 and a relentless pursuit of excellence, embodying the goal and determination to be No.1, and not settling No.2 in the world. 

2. Gorenje x UEFA EURO 2024™ 

Various press releases using UEFA EURO round 16, quarterfinals, semi-finals, finals and after event momentums to communicate Gorenje MDA appliances and their top features. 

3. Portrait Displays

Hisense's Calman Ready TVs are now available in European retail stores, thanks to a partnership with Portrait Displays. This integration enhances colour accuracy for models like U7N, U8N, UXN, and A85N, supporting Calibration as a Service (CaaS) and enriching the consumer experience just in time for the 2024 football season.

4. Hisense UX series: setting new standards 

Hisense’s UX series TVs, featuring sizes up to 110 inches, deliver exceptional picture and sound quality with Mini-LED X, Hi-View Engine X, and Dynamic X-Display technologies. Ideal for gamers, sports enthusiasts, and movie lovers, the UX series offers vibrant colors, smooth motion, and smart connectivity for an immersive experience.

5. Hisense 7S laundry appliances: Smart washing, easy living 

Hisense's 7S series laundry appliances introduce advanced features like ConnectLife, AI Wash & Dry, and Smart Link, all controlled via an intelligent TFT display. These smart appliances offer efficient, time-saving, and energy-conscious laundry solutions, automatically selecting optimal settings for washing and drying, enhancing convenience and sustainability.

6. Hisense 7S washing and drying machine: appliances that “know”!

Hisense’s 7S series washing and drying machines offer intelligent features like automatic cycle selection, smart dosing, and humidity sensing for optimal results. With quick cycles, Wi-Fi control, and self-cleaning, they simplify laundry tasks, enhance energy efficiency, and support sustainability, making them ideal for modern households.

7. Simply there for your

Gorenje, proud sponsors of UEFA EURO 2024™, offer special edition Small Domestic Appliances to enhance your viewing parties. These smart and efficient appliances, including the Nutri Blender, Ice Maker, Kettle, Sandwich Maker, Air Fryer, Microwave, and Stick Vacuum Cleaner, make snack preparation, serving drinks, and cleanup effortless, ensuring a fun and memorable experience.

8. Official team of Hisense Small Domestic Appliances 

Hisense sponsors of UEFA EURO 2024™, offer special edition Small Domestic Appliances to enhance game-watching parties. These smart, efficient appliances, including a beer dispenser, ice maker, contact grill, air fryer, and vacuum cleaner, make snack preparation, drink serving, and cleanup effortless, ensuring a fun, memorable experience with friends and family.

9. Revolutionizing Home Appliances The ConnectLife Experience with FOTA Updates

ConnectLife's Firmware Over-The-Air (FOTA) updates revolutionize home appliances, offering continuous improvement, enhanced features, quick bug fixes, and remote problem-solving. This dynamic approach ensures convenience, efficiency, and personalization, boosting customer satisfaction and contributing to sustainability by extending appliance lifespan and reducing waste. Embrace a smarter, greener future with ConnectLife.

10. Hisense PureFit: a perfect harmony of style and functionality

The Hisense PureFit refrigerator, with its sleek design and customizable storage solutions, integrates seamlessly into any kitchen. Its compact 60cm depth, ergonomic recessed handles, and advanced features like the Convert Function and ConnectLife app, combine style and functionality while enhancing energy efficiency and convenience.

11. Discover the ultimate refrigerators Gorenje French door models

Gorenje’s French door refrigerators, like models NRM818EUX and NRM917E8X4WF, offer spacious storage, innovative cooling systems, and energy-efficient performance. Their features, including NoFrost technology, ConvertZone, and InverterCompressor, ensure convenience, fresh food, and lower energy bills, making them ideal for modern households.
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