26. 09. 2019:  Silver national award by the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for our new generation of washing machines and dryers WaveActive.

24. 09. 2019:  European Agency for Safety and Health at work (EU-OSHA) presented Gorenje with an award for the best practice in safe handling with dangerous chemicals. 

20. 09. 2019:  Gorenje won the Websi award for special digital projects for our #simplymoments campaign. 

28. 05. 2019:  Savinja and Šalek Chamber of Commerce ("Savinjsko-šaleška gospodarska zbornica") presented awards for the best innovations in the region. Gorenje's innovators won gold for the new generation of Gorenje WaveActive washing machines and dryers, and silver for the new generation of Asko dishwashers; our colleagues from Gorenje Orodjarna (toolmaking plant) won a bronze award for their complex progressive tool for sheet metal semi-products.

21. 05. 2019:  Slovenian Public Relations Association awarded Gorenje with Prizma, national award for the best internal communication programme for the project Goinnovate 2018.  

17. 04. 2019:  At the International Industry Fair in Celje, the company Gorenje Orodjarna, a toolmaking plant, won a golden award for its progressive tool for manufacturing highly advanced sheet metal parts. 

28. 03. 2019:  Gorenje Group won another two Red dots awards for outstanding design for the Gorenje Simplicity 2.1 induction hob and ASKO tumble dryer. 

17. 03. 2019:  AWE 2019 (Appliance & Eletronics World Expo 2019) Best Design award for the Gorenje Retro Special Edition fridge, co-designed with Volkswagen.


26. 09. 2018:  Golden national award by the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for our new generation of premium washing machines and dryers Asko, and the silver award for the new generation of Gorenje cookers.

14. 09. 2018:  Websi award for special digital projects for Gorenje's #simplyfans campaign 

08. 06. 2018:  Gorenje Group wins four regional accolades for the best innovations.

23. 05. 2018:  Gorenje wins the Trusted Brand award for the 12th consecutive year.

11. 04. 2018:  Gorenje Group received the prestigious “Most energy efficient company of 2017” award at the annual Energy Professionals Conference.

09. 04. 2018:  Gorenje Group won 5 Red dot design awards, for the latest Gorenje brand WaveActive washers and dryers, as well as the Gorenje built in cooler, freezer and Atag integrated coffee machine.


09. 10. 2017:  At the traditional environment convention, organized by the Finance daily paper and the Eko Fund, Gorenje received an award for the most environmentally friendly company.

19. 10. 2017:  At the Design Month national award ceremony, Gorenje was presented a special award for persistent promotion of superior design in the domestic appliance industry.

06. 10. 2017:  At the Days of Professional and Employment Rehabilitation, or the REHA Days, 2017, Gorenje received an award for good practice of hiring disabled persons, and the Disabled-Friendly Company certificate.

27. 09. 2017:  Gorenje won the gold national award of the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the most innovative enterprises and innovators, with their new generation of Gorenje SmartFlex dishwashers.

12. 09. 2017:  Gorenje's Retro Special Edition fridge, officially licensed by Volkswagen, won the prestigious Licensing Award 2017 for Innovation.

08. 06. 2017:  Golden award at the Slovenian digital communications conference Diggit for the project “Gorenje Retro Special Edition: Wrong parking”.  

22. 05. 2017:  Gorenje Group received the Sarajevo Business Forum Bridge award in the category Innovator of the Year.  

17. 05. 2017:  Gorenje brand received the Top Serbian Brands 2016 award in Serbia, and with that the title of the most popular electronics brand among Serbian users in 2016.

28. 04. 2017:  Gorenje Valjevo factory received this year's Certificate of Merit 28th April, a national award for quality practice in the field of occupational health and safety.

04. 04. 2017:  Gorenje Orodjarna won the Golden award at the International Industry Fair 2017.   

03. 04. 2017:  Gorenje Group won 4 Red dot design awards, two for Gorenje multifunctional ovens and gas hobs and two Red dot Best of the best awards for ASKO premium washers and dryers.

25. 03. 2017:  ASKO won 3 international advertising awards for its achievements in the Nordic region, the Muse Creative Awards in the categories Product or Service Branding, Social Media Campaign and Magazine Ad.


16. 11. 2016:  Gorenje Group was awarded the Best Annual Report award and awards for the best annual report in the fields of communication and risk management.   

18. 10. 2016:  Interior decorating magazine Elle Decoration Russia awarded the title of Object of the Year to our design line Gorenje by Starck and to the ASKO Pop Up Store.    

12. 10. 2016:  In the national employers awareness campaign for the promotion of health and safety at work, Gorenje received an award for the most wholesome approach in promoting health and safety in the workplace.

10. 10. 2016:  iF Design Home Style Award for the Gorenje Retro refrigerator and ASKO dishwasher.

01. 10. 2016:  Gorenje Austria wins the Zac of the Year 2016 award for best suppplier.

28. 09. 2016:  Content marketing award POMP for Gorenje Lifestyle Magazine.

21. 09. 2016:  Golden award by the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for best innovations for the Panasonic AutoCare washing machine.  

07. 07. 2016:  Four Red Dot design awards for the Gorenje Group products. 

27. 05. 2016:  Gold and two silver awards for best innovations in the region for 2015.

07. 03. 2016Trusted Brand: Gorenje the most trusted home appliance brand in Slovenia for a decade.

16. 02. 2016:  Gorenje a Symbol of Quality for Slovenians in 2016.

10. 02. 2016:  Atag the most successful company of the Netherlands in 2015.

25. 01. 2016:  Asko dryer got the highest ranking among 22 dryers tested by the biggest Australian consumer magazine Choice.


07th Dec 2015:   Gorenje the most energy saving brand.

20th Nov 2015:   Gorenje Group's Accounting Report 2014 voted the best for the third time.

16th Nov 2015:   Vesna Petkovšek receives the European association for internal communication (FEIEA) Award.

21st Sept 2015:   National golden award of the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the new generation of Gorenje's built-in ovens.

20th Aug 2015:   Good Design Award® for the Asko Duo Fusion cooker.

19th Aug 2015:   Atag Nederland winner of Business Success Award.

24th July 2015:   Gorenje voted the best foreign brand produced in Serbia.

10th July 2015:   Eight Gorenje Group products received the Red Dot Design Award

19th May 2015:  Gorenje the most trusted home appliance brand for the ninth consecutive year.

24th Apr 2015:   Gorenje Orodjarna wins silver at the Forma Tool international fair.


22nd Dec 2014:   Manager of the Year Award for Stanka Pejanović of Gorenje Belgrade.

28th Nov 2014:   Gorenje wins Designer Kitchen & Bathroom Award in UK for innovation and sustainability.

25th Nov 2014:   Denis Štemberger receives the Avgust Kuhar Foundation Award for his professional work in the field of occupational hazard and safety. 

21st Nov 2014:   Vilma Fece receives the Slovenian Quality and Excellence Association award

20th Nov 2014:   Gorenje Group's financial report wins the annual report contest of Finance Business Academy. 

17th Sept 2014:   National golden award of Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Gorenje's new generation of fridge-freezers.

11th July 2014:   Innovation award for Asko IQ Cook in France.

9th July 2014:    Asko wins second place in Australian dishwasher test.  

6th June 2014:   Plus X Award for the new Gorenje+ steam oven.

25th Mar 2014:   “Red dots” for Gorenje Group design.

14th Feb 2014:   Superbrand for Kuchyne Gorenje in the Czech Republic.


13th Nov 2013:   Gorenje has the best financial report for the year 2012 by the slovenian Finance daily paper.

17th Oct 2013:   Gorenje wins the 2013 ZEPS fair award for promotion in Bosnia and Hercegovina.

17th Sep 2013:   Gorenje wins golden and silver CCIS award for innovations.

18th Jul  2013:   Gorenje wins the highest innovation awards in the region.

06th Jun 2013:   Gorenje wins two Plus X Awards 2013 for induction hob IQcook.

29th Apr 2013:   Irena Vodopivec receives the Slovenian HR Association Award.

17th Apr 2013:   Gorenje Orodjarna wins three Forma Tool awards.

12th Mar 2013:   Gorenje wins five prestigious red dot awards for 2013.

08th Mar 2013:   For the seventh consecutive year Gorenje brand is the recipient of the Trusted Brand award.

31st Jan 2013:   Consumers rank Gorenje No. 1 in Croatia with Best Buy Award.

09th Jan 2013:   Gorenje iChef+ oven won the German Design Award.


13th Nov 2012:   Gorenje BM 900 AL bread maker is the big winner of the VIP test.

09th Nov 2012:   Gorenje iChef+ oven among the TOP 10.

19th Oct 2012:    Gorenje Slovenia website wins the Balkan Web Award.

18th Oct 2012:    Gorenje Design Studio receives three Slovenian Design Awards.

17th Oct 2012:    Gorenje wins bronze award for the exhibition area at the Energetika tradeshow in Belgrade, Serbia.

26th Sept 2012:   Gorenje wins two CCIS gold awards.

21st Sept 2012:   Gorenje receives award for exemplary corporate governance of a multinational corporation.

20th Jun 2012:    Gorenje received two golden innovation awards.

11th May 2012:   Gorenje Group's Mora brand was voted the supplier of the year 2011 for the Euronics retail network in Czech Republic.

20th Mar 2012:   Gorenje SensoCARE washing machine and Gorenje IQcook cooking hob win the red dot award 2012.

02th Mar 2012:   Gorenje was awarded with the Trusted Brand 2012.

27th Feb 2012:   Gorenje Retro refrigerator freezer combo wins the prestigious Plus X Award 2012.

26th Jan 2012:   Two washing machines of the Asko brand ranked first and second in the test of washing machines conducted by the Australian consumer organization Choice.


17th Nov 2011:   Gorenje RedSet washing machine won the Plus X Award 2011 for excellence of design, simplicity of use, and environmentally friendly and economical operation.

17th Nov 2011:   Oven iChef+ won the Plus X Award 2011 for innovation, high quality, excellence of design and simplicity of use, as well as product of the year award in the category of ovens.

10th Nov 2011:   Gorenje annual report 2010 the best in terms of communication.

14th Oct 2011:   Gorenje home appliance control interface wins honourable mention Design of the Year Award for 2011.

14th Oct 2011:   Gorenje Simple&Logical washing machine was inaugurated in the roster of legendary products of Slovenian design with receiving the Timeless Slovenian Design Award.

20th Sep 2011:   Gorenje wins CCIS golden award for best innovations.

21st Jun 2011:   Gorenje received 6 innovation awards. Five by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Savinjsko-šaleška region and one by the Štajerska region.

11th May 2011:   Gorenje's Retro refigerator collection wins a Get Connected Product of the Award 2011.

20th Apr 2011:   Gorenje wins the Best Enterprise Award.

12th Apr 2011:   Company Gorenje Orodjarna received Gold and Silver Forma Tool Medal.

30th Mar 2011:   Gorenje's washing machine WA60125 awarded Best Eco Washing Machine by Good Housekeeping magazine.

28th Mar 2011:   Gorenje's glass ceramic gas hob of the Atag Magna line and three Asko Classic line dishwashers are the winners of the Red Dot Design Award 2011

23th Mar 2011:   Gorenje was awarded with the Trusted Brand 2011.

16th Mar 2011:   Gorenje's iChef control module awarded with the Red Dot Design Award 2011.

05th Jan 2011:   Gorenje received a commendation for years of investment into development of Slovenian sports.


11th Mar 2010:   Gorenje Retro black fridge-freezer has been awarded the Grüner Stecker prize for energy efficiency in Austria.

25th Mar 2010:   Gorenje's gas hob Atag Magna HG971MX awarded with Red Dot Design Award 2010.

30th Mar 2010:   Gorenje Pure built-in oven won Get Connected Product of the Year Award 2010 in United Kingdom.

27th May 2010:   Washing machine Gorenje Simplicity Light awarded with Plus X Award 2010

15th Sept 2010:   Gorenje service network model wins the CCIS Sliver Medal for innovation.

30th Sept 2010:   Gorenje brand has won Trusted Brand 2010 award.

08th Oct 2010:   Gorenje designed by Karim Rashid Collection has won the gold Product Innovation Award at the Design Awards 2010 in the UK, organised by the publishers of Designer magazine.

21th Oct 2010:   Gorenje internal magazine "Pika na G" was presented the Papirus 2010 Award.

21th Oct 2010:   Hotel Paka, a unit of the Gorenje Gostinstvo company, wins the Eat and Drink Design Award 2010.

22th Oct 2010:   Four Gorenje's ATAG kitchen appliances have been awarded a Good Industrial Design Award 2010.

09th Nov 2010:   Gorenje wins the best annual report award enterprises in the category of communication.


22nd Jan 2009:   Bronze EFFIE for Gorenje Ora-Ïto and web page GoDesign.

28th Jan 2009:   The "Save up to 30 Percent of Power by Washing at 30°C" receives the Sunny Personality Acknowledgement.

12th Feb 2009:   Rob Holtslag (ATAG) is Director of Sales of the Year 2008.

15th Apr 2009:   Franjo Bobinac awarded French National Order of Merit

15th May 2009:   Gorenje BO 8750 AX Premium Oven wins the Plus X Award.

22nd Apr 2009:   Gold award on Formatool fair for Gorenje Orodjarna.

22nd Sep 2009:   Gorenje Innovators Receive the Highest National Honour.

22nd Oct 2009:   "Papirus 2009" for Gorenje internal Magazine "Pika na G".

17th Dec 2009:   Gorenje Receives Award for the Best Investor Relations Team.


15th Jan 2008:   Gorenje Ora-Ïto Collection of household appliances is ranked among the nominees in the category of the best household appliances of the Wallpaper magazine, the cult magazine for design, interior decoration, fashion, art, and lifestyle.

23rd Jan 2008:   Gorenje is ranked among the nominees for the Ecology-Oriented Company 2007.

13th Feb 2008:   SmarTable wins the Audience Award Observeur 08 at the Exhibition in Paris.

08th Mar 2008:   Franjo Bobinac, president and CEO of Gorenje, was awarded for outstanding business achievements in the year 2007 with the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce Award.

10th Mar 2008:   Gorenje slim washing machine is rated by the German Consumers Association as the best in cost effectiveness in the category of 4.5 to 5-kilogram load washing machines.

08th May 2008:   Futuristic kitchen Gorenje Ora-Ïto is nominated as the Innovation of the year at the Foire de Paris fair.

23rd May 2008:   Gorenje received the Aquatherm Award for the best exhibition place at the 10th International Aquatherm Exhibition in Kyiv.

26rd May 2008:   Gorenje Ora-Ïto oven wins the european Plus X AwardTM 2008 in the category of design, Cologne.

31st May 2008:   Gorenje Premium Touch fridge-freezer is ranked on the 1st place among the ten best fridge-freezers available on the British market; rated by the British newspaper supplement Daily Mail Weekend.

04th June 2008:   Vesna Petkovšek, chief editor of Gorenje's corporate magazine Pika na G, received the InJo 2008 award for the article on innovation in corporate magazines called "Competitive 540".

09th June 2008:   Gorenje is according to a study conducted by the Kline & Partner agency the second most eminent and investment-friendly company in Slovenia, Mr. Franjo Bobinac, Gorenje President and CEO, was found the most reputable Slovenian manager.

17th Sept 2008:   Austrian eminent private European Brand Institute from Vienna exposed Gorenje as positive example of a leading brand in east Europe.

17th Sept 2008:   Silver Innovation Award of the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Gorenje's new generation of fridge freezers.

30th Sept 2008:   Gorenje brand awarded as a Trusted Brand 2008 in Slovenia.

02nd Oct 2008:   Gorenje wins the BIO quality concept award for the White Qube conceptual project.

23rd Oct 2008:   Gorenje internal magazine Pika na G wins Papirus award in the category the best cover.

03rd Nov 2008:   Gorenje Compact XL kitchen wins the Golden Tie Award.

04th Nov 2008:   Gorenje brand wins Trusted Brand 2008 Award in Croatia.

19th Nov 2008:   Gorenje brand wins China Home Style Award 2008. 

19th Nov 2008:   Dr. Nikola Holeček, head manager of Gorenje acustic laboratory and Rok Grudnik, head manager of Gorenje product managment, won a Martin Hirschorn IAC Prize for the Paper on noise reduction and control.

19th Nov 2008:   Gorenje wins the TOP 10 Education Management Award 2008.

27th Nov 2008:   Franjo Bobinac, Gorenje president and CEO, and Ivan Atelšek, former long-time director of Gorenje, received Valvasor medals for business achievements.

07th Dec 2008:   Marko Mrzel, director of Gorenje Beograd company, wins the Manager of the Year 2008 Award in Serbia.

12th Dec 2008:   ERICo wins the European Regional Champions Award 2008.

26th Dec 2008:   Gorenje wins the "Month of Trade" silver prize in Macedonia.