Plus X Award™


Gorenje team wins the Plus X Award for the 11th consecutive year

The building of the former German parliament in Bonn hosted on June 5 the festive Plus X Award ceremony. Gorenje was among the award winners for the eleventh consecutive year. The expert jury, consisting of representatives from 25 different industries, was impressed by the latest combined steam oven of the Gorenje+ line. This appliance won the award in the categories of quality, design, user-friendliness, and functionality.

Steam oven of the Gorenje+ line wins the award

The award-winning steam oven with model ID GS 778 B is a part of the new generation of built-in ovens launched by the Gorenje Group in a number of markets in this year that has also won two Red Dot design awards.

The Plus X Awards were first presented for innovative technologies, and sports and lifestyle products eleven years ago. Gorenje is a perennial winner of the award.

Plus X Award™ 2013

Following the prestigious red dot design award 2012, Gorenje's IQcook induction hob with top-notch IQ sensor technology won the Plus X Award for innovation and superior quality, and the best product of the year 2013 award in the category of home appliances.

IQcook – Ingenious cooking revolution

Revolutionary IQcook induction hob with state-of-the-art IQ sensor technology that completely changes the way we cook was awarded by the jury for the international Plus X Award for innovation, high quality, excellent design, and user friendly control. Moreover, Gorenje's induction hob model IQcook IQ741AXC was chosen as the Product of the Year 2013 in the home appliance category.

The jury was convinced by the unique sensor cooking technology that allows simple cooking with five user-adjusted cooking presets. Intelligent IQ sensors automatically control the hob operation according to the selected settings, doing away with the need to constantly control the cooking progress. Moreover, the patented SmartSense safety feature automatically switches off the hob to prevent boiling over or burning.

Gorenje is particularly proud to see the professionals recognize and award the unique sensor technology of the IQcook hob – the first hob in the world to allow automatic steam cooking while affording completely safe and fully controlled cooking with optimum use of time and energy, owing to the intelligent IQ sensors. Unlike the oven which is a closed environment, the cooking hob is an uncontrolled ambient. As a result, process automation is all the more challenging. IQcook system is an innovation that truly makes cooking easier for the user. Dishes that are prepared in a routine manner are cooked automatically and the optimized processes will save energy. Combined with the HomeCHEF oven, also a winner of the Plus X Award, it forms the most innovative tandem of Gorenje's advanced kitchen appliances.

To date, Gorenje has won 13 international Plus X Awards for their innovative user- and environment-friendly products. The award-winning products include the advanced HomeCHEF oven, Simplicity washing machine, an oven of the Gorenje Ora-Ïto Collection, and a refrigerator from the Gorenje Retro Collection.

IQcook cooking presets tailored to the user

User-adjusted cooking presets that include IQsteam, IQboil, IQpro, IQfry and IQgrill simplify the preparation of many dishes in a revolutionary way. All parameters (time, cooking intensity) are preset; when the dish is done, an acoustic signal will indicate that the process is complete, leaving the user care-free. Particularly notable is the unique IQsteam steam cooking technology that is considered the healthiest cooking method. Preset program will automatically control the steaming and make sure the food is steam-cooked evenly. Very little water is used in this cooking mode. As a result, the food will not be overcooked, and it will retain its natural colour, vitamins, nutrient juices, and flavour.

Revolutionary advantages of the IQcook hob

IQ sensor attached to the lid of your cookware will control the cooking progress in the pan and automatically regulate the temperature and hob power in communication with the sensor built into the cooking zone.

Remarkable novelty: IQsteam steam cooking mode is a healthy cooking method that will allow the food to retain the full natural flavour and firmness. It only takes 0.5 dl of water to cook 1 kg of vegetables.

SmartSense patented security function will prevent the food from boiling over or burning onto the hob surface. By communicating with the IQ sensors, the cooking hob will perceive the boiled-over liquid and automatically switch off the hob.

By adjusting the cooking temperature, the IQcook cooking hob also optimizes energy consumption to afford substantial energy savings!

Plus X Award™ 2012

Refrigerator freezer Gorenje Retro RF 603010 OCH won the Plus X Award for high quality, superior design, and environmentally friendly operation. Remarkable characteristics and economy of this legendary refrigerator of theGorenje Retro collection in dark chocolate colour was spotted and awarded by the keen eye of the Plus X Award international expert jury consisting of 130 industry and media representatives from as many as 32 countries.

High-quality refrigerator with a freezer compartment boasts dynamic design and high energy efficiency. The 1.74-meter high elegant double door Gorenje retro fridge freezer combo rated in the A+++ energy class with annual power consumption of 141 kWh is at the pinnacle of energy-efficient appliances. The doors can open to either side, and it is also available in several colours like red and black, or the particularly charming white coffee or champagne.

Adjustable glass shelves allow comfortable and efficient food storage and the refrigerator compartment is also fitted with a large fruit and vegetable bin, bottle holder, and a large split shelf for larger bottles. A special fan system is there to make sure the temperature distribution is optimum at all times. The award-winning Gorenje refrigerator freezer also features the SuperCool function for rapid cooling of large quantities of food in the refrigerator compartment, which comes handy after a weekly trip to the supermarket. The freezer compartment also offers a boost with the FastFreeze function.

Plus X Awards are presented for innovative products in technology, sports, and lifestyle. Products that proudly carry this award's logo offer added value and thus have an edge over the competing products when it comes to purchase decisions.

Plus X Award™ 2011

Gorenje won three prestigious Plus X Awards 2011 in Germany. Oven with the innovative iChef+ electronic control module won the Plus X award for innovation, high quality, excellence of design and simplicity of use, as well as product of the year award in the category of ovens. Gorenje's third Plus X award 2011 went to the Gorenje RedSet (WA72149RD) washing machine for excellence of design, simplicity of use, and environmentally friendly and economical operation.

Oven with the innovative iChef+ control

The jury for the international Plus X Award, consisting of reputable independent experts from across Europe, presented the Plus X Awardfor innovation, high quality, excellence of design, and simplicity of use to the oven with innovative iChef+ electronic control module. Gorenje's iChef+electronic control module has already won this year's honourable mention at the international Red Dot Design Awards contest, and Slovenian award Design of the Year.

The innovative oven, model GO896X, was also declared product of the year in the category of ovens. The oven impressed the jury with its innovative slide control which allows a user experience similar to that offered by modern consumer electronics devices. The user enters the main menu by touching the screen, and then chooses between different programs and cooking functions by touching the corresponding colour photos and icons. The oven also boasts innovative cavity design with highly efficient heater placement in several levels, and many user functions that make excellent cooking results easy. The award-winning oven also offers large volume (65 liters) and large cooking surface (46 cm) which is one of the largest in the market.

Gorenje RedSet washing machine

Gorenje RedSet washing machine(WA72149RD) won the Plus X Award 2011 for excellence of design, simplicity of use, and environmental friendliness. The jury was convinced by the efficient AquaStop support against water damage, automatic quantity control for low water consumption and energy efficient 17-minute QuickWash cycle. Triple A-30%AA label for efficient use of energy and washing and spinning effects ranks the appliance among the most efficient in the market. Water consumption amounts to no more than 49 liters per washing cycle; in addition, the machine features a special self-cleaning program called SterilTub which heats the water to 80 or 95 °C to deliver perfect hygiene in your washing machine. Washing machine WA 72149 RD is a part of the line of selected Gorenje RedSet appliances that includes a refrigerator freezer, a washing machine, and a condenser dryer featuring SteamTech technology.

Plus X Award™ 2010

On Thursday, May 27th, Gorenje received for the seventh consecutive year the prominent international "Plus X Award" in Cologne, Germany. This year, Gorenje won the award in the category of user-friendly operation for the washing machine of the Gorenje Simplicity Light collection.

The minimalist straightforwardness of the Gorenje Simplicity washing machine, an appliance of Gorenje's most recent Simplicity line, impressed the jury and won the recognition of being the right response to the global trend of simplifying our everyday lives.

"The single-button control of the Gorenje Simplicity washing machine has proven very simple, providing optimum functionality. The appearance of the appliance, too, was found very convincing. The visually appealing ergonomically designed program selector knob act very simple, yet elegant and sophisticated,"commented the expert jury.

Minimalistically designed Gorenje Simplicity washing machine with six-kilogram capacity, 1400 rpm spinning speed, LED display, and advanced technology, offers a solution that is friendly to both the user and the environment. The machine boast triple A rating (AAA) owing to the UseLogic® technology which provides optimum energy effects. Energy consumption is 10 percent lower than the A class standard indicated on the energy label, while the washing and spinning effect meet the stringent standards of the A class.

Programs are selected by a single logical knob and the icons for the most commonly used washing programs are emphasized: cotton 60 °C, mixed laundry 40 °C, and delicate laundry 30 °C. These programs are most commonly used in European households and the account for 80 percent of total laundry washing requirements.

The appealing selection of programs is rounded off by additional washing programs such as the 17-minute Quick wash program, hand wash program, and the self-cleaning SterilTub program, while the appliance functionality is further enriched by features like the advanced AquaStop safety system, a multi-level safety switch, SCS control system, sensor control of foaming, and protection from spilling over.

The jury consisting of 144 top-class independent experts from 32 countries and 40 highly qualified partners, makes the Plus X Award the greatest contest in technology, sports, and lifestyles in the world. This year, over 1,000 products were registered; however, only 270 products, in 13 categories, impressed the judges.

Plus X Award™ 2009

Gorenje BO 8750 AX oven meets all requirements for the prestigious Plus X Award and Seal in the categories of design and user-friendliness among the large household appliances.

The BO 8750 AX oven features a volume of 60 litres and offers the possibility of cooking or baking at three levels simultaneously. It only takes six minutes to heat up to 200 degrees Celsius (the FastPreheat function) while the outside of the oven door and the housing remain cool and safe to touch throughout the cooking process, owing to the dynamic system of efficient cooling (DCS, UDC). Additional safety and energy efficiency is provided by the energy-efficient CoolDoor, while excellent door insulation, coupled with special reflective film applied to the glass, improves oven performance while cutting power consumption.

It is often said that a right touch will go a long way; the same applies to this oven. Clearly laid out graphics of the innovative patent-protected electronic DirecTouchmodule enables starting the appliance by merely touching three symbols, while the appliance does the rest. All that is left for you is to lay the table. For this task, theWarmPlate function will prove particularly convenient. The oven will also retain the temperature of the food already prepared, with the StayWarm function.

With this oven, cleaning is also highly convenient. Instead of tedious scrubbing, you only need to pour half litre of water into a baking tray and heat it for half an hour using the AquaClean function; this will soften any dirt accumulated in the oven. The EasyClean accessories made of EcoClean enamel can also be cleaned in the dishwasher.

The numerous operation modes and functions, along with advanced electronic control and patent protected innovations that further improve the energy efficiency and the ecological soundness of the appliance, are the attributes of the Gorenje BO 8750 AX Premium oven, which convinced the expert jury in 2009 as well.

Gorenje BO 8750 AX Oven Impresses and Convinces the Jury

Seventeen independent white goods industry journalists and renowned experts were unanimous: Gorenje BO 8750 AX oven meets all requirements for the prestigious Plus X Award and Seal in the categories of design and user-friendliness among the large household appliances.

This year, the Plus X Award was awarded to a Gorenje appliance for the sixth time. In 2004, it went to the Premium Touch washing machine, followed by Premium Touch refrigerator-freezer in 2005; in 2007, the award was presented to combined fridge-freezer Gorenje made with CRYSTALLIZED™ - Swarovski elements; all three appliances won the award in the category of user-friendliness. In addition, the combined refrigerator-freezer Gorenje Pininfarina and the built-in oven B1-ORA-E of the Gorenje Ora-Ïto Collection won the award in the category of design, in 2006 and 2008, respectively.

The Plus x Award™ is presented by a jury consisting of reputable representatives of specialized and general media reporting on white-goods-related topics, from across Europe. In order to win the award, a product must be selected as the best in its product group in the European market in at least one of the following categories: innovation, design, user-friendliness, and environment-friendliness. Competing for the Plus X Award™ are products from the world of automotive industry, consumer electronics, telecommunications, IT, photography, and small and large household appliances. The Plus X Award™ Seal, notable for the +x symbol, communicates to the consumers the high quality of the brand.

Plus X Award™ 2008

Built-in oven of the trendy Gorenje Ora-Ïto designer collection won the prestigious international Plus X AwardTM 2008 in the category of design. The jury was convinced by its elegant appearance featuring black glass combined with a handle made of brushed aluminum, technically perfected interior, and electronic controls that pave the way for optimum cooking results.  

Like all other appliances of the collection, the award-winning B1 ORA E built-in oven ranks in the highest A energy class. Furthermore, it offers the user numerous convenient functions. Electronic control and the thermal probe make sure the food is cooked just the way you imagined. A special Dynamic Cooling Systemretains all the heat inside the oven while the triple glass door, called "Ultra Cool Door", remains cool even during cooking. The entire oven interior is treated withEcoClean enamel which does not absorb the heat but rather reflects it, thus improving the efficiency of the cooking process and facilitates cleaning.

The jury was convinced by its elegant appearance

Thus, the success that the black Gorenje Ora-Ïto collection, available in the European markets for just over a year, had already attained in the European markets was taken another step further. The cult magazine Wallpaper ranked the household appliance collection among the five best household appliances of the previous year – owing to its cutting-edge technology it was even dubbed the iPhone of the kitchens. This time, it impressed the sharp eye of the international expert jury for the Plus X Award. The jury that includes representatives of specialized media from the field of electronic, electric, IT, and telecommunication technology, appreciated the minimalist exterior design that was found to embody a timeless elegance, and the technological perfection of the electronically controlled built-in oven of the Gorenje Ora-Ïto Collection.

To date, Gorenje has received five Plus X Awards. Following the award in the user-friendly control category won by the Premium Touch washing machine in 2004 and Premium Touch refrigerator-freezer in 2005, the Gorenje Pininfarina refrigerator-freezer won the award for design in 2006. Last year, the jury was charmed by the user-friendly operation of the velvet-black refrigerator-freezer Gorenje made with 3.500 CRYSTALLIZED™ - Swarovski elements.

The Plus X Award is presented to the best products from the range of household appliance, consumer electronics, IT, and photography, in the following categories: innovation, design, functionality, ergonomics / human engineering, user-friendliness, and environment-friendliness. The products that qualify for the award excel with superior quality, functionality, long useful life, and above all the value added generated by their innovative functions.