Red Dot Design Award

Red Dot Design Award 2015

Gorenje Group is again among the recipients of the Red Dot, one of the most coveted international design awards. The jury recognized the Gorenje+ kitchen hood, combined gas and induction cooking hob Atag and warming drawer, steam oven, and kitchen hood for the Asko and Atag brands as exceptional design achievements.

Red Dots for eight Gorenje Group products

Celebrating its 60th anniversary this year, Red Dot is one of the most prominent product design awards in the world. In this milestone year, the number of applications in the product design category broke all records with nearly 5,000 entries from 56 countries. The products were assessed by a 38-member jury of reputed designers and design experts who rated innovativeness, functionality, quality, ergonomics, durability, and other design aspects. Festive award ceremony was held on June 29 in Essen, Germany.

Elegant winners

Gorenje+ vertical hood    
This elegant vertical hood allows extraction power and light intensity to be set stagelessly, simply by sliding the fingertips across the user interface. In automatic mode, a sensor regulates the extraction power. A perimetric suction system extracts the air not only through the central section of the hood but directs it also to the edges. In this way, suction performance is enhanced, and the energy consumption, as well as the noise emission, is reduced. A touch operating panel and sensors make operation of this range hood convenient; furthermore, the hood convinces with a timeless design. It was designed by Gorenje Design Studio.
Built-in Warming Drawer Asko and Atag
In this warmer drawer from the Magna series, cups and plates can be warmed, and food can be kept warm or cooked gently at low temperature. Standing 15 cm high, it fits under appliances with a height of 45 cm so that together they stand flush with built-in appliances 60 cm in height placed next to them. The front consists of black glass with metallic paint specially developed for the series.


Built-in Induction Gas Hob Atag
The hob combines gas and induction cooking zones on a matt black glass ceramic surface. The inner flame of the wok burner is located exactly in the centre in order to heat the wok optimally. A digital control element makes it possible to switch to the outer flame as well as to set the power and programmes. The control of the three induction zones only operates when a pot is identified on one of the zones. It then lights up and waits on standby for an input.
Range Hood Asko and Atag
Due to high airflow speeds at the outer edging, the WS9074M offers effective vapour extraction at low noise level in efficiency class A+. LED strips illuminate the hob well. The glass cover on the bottom is opened by use of telescopic springs; the stainless steel grease filters and carbon filter can be cleaned in the dishwasher. The black glass with discrete metallic paint used for the front and the cover harmonises with modern kitchens.
Built-in Combi Steam Oven Asko and Atag

Black glass with discrete metallic paint and a sculptural handle characterise the front of this oven of the Magna series. It is framed by precision-milled profiles which match seamlessly with the furniture. The characteristic line on the control panel continues in the touchscreen, and adjacent menu keys allow intuitive control. The oven volume is sufficient for simultaneous preparation of several foods with the steam cooking function or a combination of steam and hot air.

Red Dot Design Award 2014

Gorenje design won another international Red Dot award for product design this year. The 40-member expert jury was impressed by two Gorenje Group designs: built-in oven with interactive colour touch display of the Gorenje brand, and the built-in oven of the Pro Series™ line of the Asko brand.

Gorenje Group remains among the best in design

The award-winning oven of the Gorenje brand is a representative of the new generation of built-in ovens that will be launched this year. Head of product design at Gorenje design studio Lidija Pritržnik: "We are proud to see that the jury again recognized the quality of appliance design, resulting from team work of Gorenje's designers and the Gorenje design studio. Sophisticated yet discrete aesthetics allows the oven to blend in with a variety of kitchen ambients either as stand-alone product or as a part of a line of several oven models. Use of large glass surfaces, fingerprint-resistant stainless steel, smart design of door interior and pyrolytic function make cleaning a breeze. Complex technology is controlled by a friendly and intuitive user interface that is simple to use for anyone, from beginners to seasoned chefs. Simple interaction with the oven via the colour slide touch screen, choosing the dishes by selecting recipes represented by appealing photos, and carefully selected acoustic feedback invoke pleasant emotions during use."

Awarded also design of the Asko oven

The second award went to the Asko OCS8676S oven of the exclusive Asko Pro Series™ line consisting of high-performance kitchen appliances made of stainless steel. The design of the award-winning oven is based on minimalism and functionality of Swedish design. A colour touch screen allows control of the oven and selection of different cooking functions.

This year's Red Dot design award contest saw 4,815 applications from 53 countries; award ceremony will take place on July 7 in Essen. Gorenje Group is a perennial winner of the award. In 2005, it was the first Slovenian company to receive it.

Red Dot Design Award 2013

At this year's red dot international contest, Gorenje Group won five prestigious red dot design awards 2013. Among the Gorenje brand products, the award went to outdoor unit of the Gorenje Aerogor heat pump and the SensoCare NGPS12 new generation washing machine, both designed by the Gorenje Design Studio. In addition, three awards were won by cooking hobs of the Atag brand: modular gas hob Atag Puzello and gas hob Atag Magna, both of which feature the innovative Fusion Volcano wok burner, and the Atag induction hob with matte finish in ground glass. Red dot award is an accolade presented for excellence of design, innovation, and high quality of products of both brands.

Gorenje remains among the best in design

This year, the best among the 4,662 entries submitted by 1,865 companies of 54 countries were selected by a 37-member jury of renowned designers and design experts who applied the criteria of aesthetic trends and sustainable design.

Gorenje President and CEO Mr. Franjo Bobinac"Appliances with innovative features and sophisticated design are one of the motors of our growth and profitability. Well aware of this fact, Gorenje is continuously investing in development and design. The red dot awards received this year are an attestation by the professional community that we have been successful in our pursuits."

Sustainably and thoughtfully designed Gorenje Aerogor heat pumps

Gorenje Aerogor air/water heat pumps consist of an indoor and an outdoor unit which operate together to heat the rooms and provide domestic hot water. The red-dot-award-winning outdoor unit is an element installed outdoors next to the residential building. Therefore, designers at Gorenje devoted particular attention to it. The jury was impressed by the sustainably and thoughtfully designed housing which allows the users to select the finish to match the house and the environment. The unit is available in three versions: façade, wood, or metal. All housing materials are resistant to the elements, which makes them durable throughout the useful life.

SensoCare washing machine boasts a clearly laid out front panel and timeless design

The new generation washing machine Gorenje SensoCare NGPS12 stands out with refined lines and two highlighted details: the user interface and the door handle. Their form and robustness communicate the technical perfection and durability of the appliance. The jury praised the ergonomically tilted user interface which improves the view even if the washing machine is installed under a counter. The interface also affords intuitive control through a choice of highlighted most frequently used programs which can be set in two steps; alternatively, the users may select completely customized settings.

Lidija Pritržnik, head of product design at Gorenje Design Studio: "We consider it great success to see all three of our entries win the award. Of these three products, the same team design two for the Gorenje brand and one for a third-party customer. We are proud to have reached once again a high level of design with our products. The Aerogor heat pump is convincing with the sustainably and thoughtfully designed composition of the outdoor unit casing, which allows the user to select the material to match the appearance of the house. The SensoCare washing machine boasts a clearly laid out front panel and timeless design that provides visual support to the logic of control. The fact that we repeatedly succeeded in impressing the jury in recent years, despite the harsh competition and a large number of entries, is confirmation that our team is developing in the right direction. We shall continue to design our products with focus on the users, and create products that afford superior user experience."

Excellently designed Atag hobs

Vincent Hofstee, product manager for the Atag brand, in charge of design management: "This year, we submitted three entries for the competition and all three won the award. Atag Puzello and Atag Magna hobs convinced the jury with the innovative Fusion Volcano wok burner, while the induction hob impressed them with the beauty of matte finish in ground glass. Red dot design award 2013 stands witness to the excellence of design, innovation, and high quality of the Atag brand.

Red Dot Design Award 2012

Gorenje SensoCARE washing machine and Gorenje IQcook cooking hob win the red dot award

Gorenje is once again among the winners of the international red dot design award. The 30-member jury that includes eminent designers and design experts evaluated 4,515 entries by 1,800 companies from 58 countries and voted to award the perfection and innovative design of the Gorenje SensoCARE washing machine, and the advanced sensor controlled induction hob Gorenje IQcook. This ranks the two Gorenje appliances among this year's products with the best design. Both appliances were designed by the Gorenje Design Studio. Gorenje Group is a perennial winner of the red dot award.

Red dot awards are among the most prominent and coveted design awards globally, dating back to the 1950s. The awarded products break beyond remarkable design; they prove that design is indeed intrinsic to innovative product solutions. In this year's contest, a record-breaking number of 4,515 applications were submitted in Gorenje's product category alone.

SensoCARE washing machine and IQcook coking hob among the products with the best design

SensoCARE washing machine and IQcook cooking hob are a result of Gorenje's in-house development and design. Mrs.Lidija Pritržnik, creative director at Gorenje Design Studio and co-author of the award-winning washing machine: »The concept of new generation washing machines and dryers was based on the market response to the previous generation, on research and tests by final users, and research of key markets and Gorenje's position in the home appliance market.  Our design team paid a lot of attention to superior user experience and simplicity of use, while looking for aesthetic perfection that airs the technological competence and quality of the product on the one hand, while speaking in a unique, distinctive language of visual arts through the comfort of use on the other. The washing machine front panel is visually conceived in a way that makes selection much easier for the user, without posing any restrictions on custom adjustments and settings of the machine.« Co-author Mr. Borut Keržič adds: »We approached design predominantly from the user's aspect. We employed highlighted user interface elements, ergonomically positioned handles, and brief and concise instructions to enhance the way the appliance is used by the user. The perforation of the drum and the ribs, which is reminiscent of a washboard that our grandmothers used to wash the laundry, adds an emotional element to the very core of the appliance.««

SensoCARE washing machine is a part of the latest generation of washing machines and dryers that saw its début at last year's IFA fair in Berlin. The appliances are currently being launched in various markets. Their smart SensorIQ technology that automatically optimizes the washing and drying processes affords them a position among the most perfected and efficient appliances in the market. Thus, the top models boast A+++ -20% rating, which means they use 20% less power than an A+++ energy class appliance.

At last year's IFA fair in Berlin, Gorenje premièred its revolutionary induction hob IQcook which will change the way we cook: its intelligent sensor technology allows completely safe and controlled cooking. Furthermore, the new technology allows optimizing the cooking temperature to provide up to 40 percent of power savings relative to conventional induction hobs, which are currently the most economical cooking appliances. Working with Gorenje's development team, the cooking hob was designed by Mr.Matevž Popič»In designing the IQcook system, we paid attention to detail that bears a key effect on simple use of the sensor technology and overall aesthetics. The mobile sensor is attached to the lid by means of a magnet and is suitable for different lid contours.« IQcook will be available for purchase by the end of 2012.

Gorenje Group has won 19 red dot awards to date

In the last seven years, Gorenje Group won 19 red dot awards for appliances branded Gorenje, Asko, and Atag. In addition to the awards for the Gorenje brand washing machine and cooking hob, the Group also won two awards for the Atag brand extractor hoods.

Red Dot Design Award 2011

Gorenje's innovative iChef oven control module received an honourable mention at the eminent international Red Dot Design Award. The jury was impressed by the carefully thought out solutions of details. The acclaimed electronic control module with a large colour display introduces the most advanced electronic touch control for ovens to date and represents a major step forward in home appliance development. It is a complex innovation translated into simple use and appealing form.

Gorenje's iChef oven control module, premièred this January at the IMM tradeshow in Cologne, evokes a user experience that rings a familiar bell of consumer electronics. The user enters the main menu by touching the colour display. Then, various cooking programs and options are selected by touching the colour photos and icons in logical sequences. Gorenje will launch its ovens fitted with the iChef control module this spring.

The award-winning control module is entirely a result of Gorenje's in-house development and design. The iChef was designed by Matevž Popič and Lidija Pritržnik of the Gorenje Design Studio.

They stressed that the key guiding principle in module design was simple and intuitive use of the oven.Lidija Pritržnik, Creative Director: "We have developed a concept of oven control that will suit different types of users. We succeeded in translating complex technology into a user-friendly product, to such extent that it can be used both by those with little or no cooking skills and by the aspiring chefs." Matevž Popič, designer: "iChef control module allows making the decisions and choosing the food faster. Control of the contents is clear, recipes are supported by explanations of particular functions to replace the conventional instruction manuals. The focus is on simple editing of the existing recipes and creation of new, user-defined ones. A wide choice of module colour schemes allows the users to personalize the appearance of the display."

iChef relies on a high-performance controller that operates as a standalone computer. Carefully thought-out hardware is coordinated by an operating system developed at Gorenje, which allows responsive, fast, and user-friendly operation. Andrej Kaiser, development engineer and creator of the award-winning module's software: "The idea of direct touch control in home appliances via a colour display with moving images has been present in Gorenje since the time the first touch screens were introduced. However, only a few years ago, it seemed quite impossible for technical aspects and costs. Today, we prove again that we spearhead the industry in development of appliance control."

Red Dot Design Award 2010

Gas cooker of the MAGNA high-end designer line of appliances marketed under Gorenje’s Atag brand received one of the most coveted and notable design awards, the Red Dot Design Award 2010, in the category of product design. According to the independent jury comprising design experts of high international standing found the Atag cooker a remarkable example of top-class quality and innovative design.

The thirty-member jury rated the Atag cooker based on nine criteria that included innovation, functionality, ergonomics, symbolic and emotional component of the product, and its environmental friendliness.

The award-winning cooker HG971MX, with a width of 90 centimetres and a stainless steel finish, is fitted with gas burners at the cutting edge of energy efficiency. The cooker’s distinctive feature is the specially designed wok burner with an impressive power of 5.7 kW.

Two more Atag brand products received a special plaque in the Red Dot Award competition: induction cooker HI7271S with Iris Slide Control® operation, of the exclusive MAGNA line, and HG9711CA gas cooker with a wok burner and Easy Flame Control system of the new Matrix line were singled out by the jury as particularly notable products offering excellent design solutions.

The first Red Dot Design Awards were presented as early as in 1955. Today, they are among the world’s most prominent design awards. This year, the award competition included a total of 4252 products, classified into 17 categories, from 57 countries. Gorenje first received the award in 2005 for design of the Premium Touch washing machine and dryer.