We are operation in a mature industry where the only way to a winning performance is know-how, innovation, and loyal and devoted employees. For Gorenje, each employee matters. Therefore, care for their fair and equal treatment is our fundamental principle. We are devoted to creating a safe and motivating working environment that provides favourable conditions for achieving excellence in work and personal growth of each individual. 

We realise how important both the individual and the atmosphere are in the daily rhythm of the Company. That is why stimulating creativity, improving the quality of mutual relations, and following novelties using soft methods of management have become part of our corporate culture.


Being aware that power relies on knowledge, education and professional training of our employees is our continuous concern. Our education is based on the principle of "learning organization". Year in and year out, more employees participate in education programs, with emphasis on leadership, quality, change, technology, and foreign languages. Particular attention is paid to younger promising and talented employees.

We also organize internal training: the School of Successful Management for master operators; Management Academy for employees with a prospect of taking a key position in the company; and teamwork training.

Maintaining an Environment Conducive to Innovation

Designing new and redesigning the existing products and processes is a fundamental task for individual expert fields within the Gorenje Group. Motivating innovation with all employees us therefore of paramount importance. Hence, we have established the "Sparks" ("Iskrice") system intended to capture, discuss and process, and award innovative proposals submitted by our employees with regard to products, work procedures, and working conditions .The system is well established and it has seen the cooperation of many employees. Material reward is most often not the key motive, as acknowledgment by the working environment and the co-workers, and the awareness of the individual that their knowledge and experience solved a particular problem and improved the company performance, are deemed more important.

Occupational Health and Safety

By implementing new safety concepts, we have successfully mitigated the workplace-related risks. Our activities are aimed at accident prevention and motivating a healthy lifestyle. Ergonomic arrangement and equipment of workplaces have improved the working environment on the shop floor. We have also provided preventive healthcare programs and education on occupational health and safety, fire safety, and environment management. Gorenje, d. d., is a recipient of the international ISO 45001 certificate for occupational health and safety system.

Organised recreational activities are very important way of encouraging employees to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The Gorenje Group organises such activities at the Gorenje Sports Recreation Society, which is also open to the family members of employees.

Communication with employees and culture

The purposes of communicating and nurturing good relations with employees are: to inform employees on the Company's mission, vision, values and strategy, to ensure the carefully planned development of employees according to their abilities, to ensure good working conditions, - to stimulate the creativity of employees, to develop a dynamic management which responds to changes in the environment, to encourage teamwork and entrepreneurship of employees, to inform employees on our products and services. With the above goals in mind, the Company issues the info.g weekly bulletin, intended for the internal public of a huge, branched system with a heterogeneous staff structure and business activities. Gorenje also issues the GIB monthly magazine, which provides information on the professional achievements of employees and in-depth contributions of employees.

The Gorenje Cultural Society is responsible for expanding values and trends in lifestyle culture in the broadest sense, and also organises art exhibitions, various forms of amateur creative activities and cultural events in the company, as well as visits to superior cultural events throughout Slovenia and Europe.

Integration into the international environment

As Gorenje is an international company, our employees also have the opportunity to develop their careers in our business units abroad.