Safe Products

Throughout our product development process, the key guideline is provision of product safety in compliance with the international standards. The requirements of these standards are consistently complied with from the very earliest stage of product design:

  • in product development; 
  • in defining supplier requirements;
  • in checking safety parameters in the production process; and
  • after the completion of production.

Product safety is checked in our in-house and in top-class foreign independent certified laboratories.

Environmentally Friendly Products

Gorenje is a member of the European Committee of Domestic Equipment Manufacturers (CECED). As members of this Association, we take part in discussions with the European Commission in the process of drafting legislation on technological development of products and mitigation of impact on the environment. Gorenje's energy-efficient products are fitted with fully recyclable components. The entire process of technological development and improvement compiles with the relevant environment protection requirements.

High-quality products

The quality of our products is systematically monitored and upgraded based on our findings.

After-Sales Service

Consumer satisfaction throughout the useful life of a product is also provided by an integrated after-sales service system. Excellence of after-sales service is based on a well organized, technically equipped and entrepreneurially minded service network that caters to our customer's needs in a flexible and highly professional manner, with swift response.