Public announcements in 2016

22nd December 2016: Gorenje repays commercial paper holders GRV04

10th November 2016: Financial calendar for the year 2017

10th November 2016: Information about procedure conclusion

10th November 2016: Over 50-percent growth of Gorenje Group's operating profit is a result of revenue growth and favourable sales structure.

13th October 2016: Information on major holding of voting rights

11th October 2016: In the opinion of legal experts, Gorenje, d.d., President and CEO Franjo Bobinac acted lawfully by disclosing information to the Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia

30th September 2016: End of Due Diligence Period

20th September 2016: Information on major holding of voting rights

22nd August 2016: Sales and profits continue to grow

25th July 2016: Gorenje and Panasonic signed the agreement on conditions to perform a due diligence

8th July 2016: Resolutions passed at the 23rd Annual General Meeting of Gorenje, d.d.

30th June 2016: Gorenje and HIS sign agreement on divestment of majority shareholding in Publicus

22nd June 2016: Organised Collection of Proxies for Shareholders to Exercise Their Voting Rights

15th June 2016: Counter-proposal to the Shareholders Assembly resolutions

6th June 2016: Convocation of the 23rd Shareholder's Assembly Meeting of Gorenje, d.d.

1st June 2016: Gorenje position regarding the sale of Gorenje Surovina

20th May 2016: Sales and profit grow in the first quarter

17th May 2016: EIB provides EUR 50 million to Gorenje to develop a new generation of domestic appliances

12th May 2016: Gorenje brand dishwasher production launched in Velenje

26th April 2016: Resignation of a Supervisory Board member

22nd April 2016: Statement of Compliance with the Corporate Governance Code

22nd April 2016: Audited consolidated and unconsolidated annual report for the year 2015

22nd April 2016: Notification on Gorenje, d.d., Supervisory Board Session

11th March 2016: Information regarding the process of Gorenje Surovina divestment

11th March 2016: Sales and profits peak in the last quarter of 2015. Annual revenue at EUR 1,225 million, annual EBITDA at EUR 80 million.

12th February 2016: Resignation of a Management Board member

12th February 2016: Admission of commercial paper GRV04 issued by Gorenje, d.d., to trading on the regulated market

3rd February 2016: Successful issue of commercial paper confirms investor confidence in the Gorenje Group

18th January 2016: Gorenje planning a fourth issue of commercial papers

15th January 2016: Home appliance sales exceed plans in 2015. Increase in profitability planned for 2016.

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