Public announcements in 2009

17th December 2009Financial calendar for the year 2010 

17th December 2009Summary of the Gorenje business plan for the year 2010

5th November 2009Gorenje ends the third quarter with a profit of EUR 3.4 million 

2nd October 2009Gorenje Management Board concludes Agreement with employee representatives 

21st September 2009Some explanations with regard to the company Ingor 

18th September 2009Gorenje Supervisory Board finds Management Board activities appropriate 

17th September 2009Gorenje Management Board made an agreement with SKEI Union and with employees representatives 

16th September 2009Production in Gorenje will start the 40 weekly working hours by October 

25th August 2009Semi-annual report 

25th August 2009Non-Audited Interim report of the Gorenje Group and of the company Gorenje, d.d. 

24th August 2009Gorenje makes breakthrough in the middle east 

9th July 2009Public Notice – Registration of Amendments to the Statute in the Court Register 

18th June 2009Resolutions passed at the 13th Annual General Meeting of Gorenje, d.d. 

16th June 2009Largest hazardous waste treatment plant in Slovenia 

29th May 2009Estimation of the business performance for the year 2009 

28th May 2009Interim report of Gorenje, d.d., and Gorenje Group for period January-March 2009 

20th May 2009Organised Collection of Proxies for Shareholders to Exercise Their Voting Rights 

6th May 2009The 13th Shareholder's Assembly Meeting of Gorenje, d.d. 

23rd April 2009Gorenje fights crisis with efficient measures 

23rd April 2009Annual information update 

23rd April 2009Declaration of compliance with the Corporate Governance Code 

23rd April 2009Summary of the 2008 Audited Annual Report of Gorenje, d.d., and of the Gorenje Group 

23rd April 200925th Supervisory Board Meeting of Gorenje, d.d. 

10th March 2009Company INGOR acquired GRVG shares 

6th March 2009Company INGOR acquired GRVG shares 

5th March 2009Company INGOR acquired GRVG shares 

4th March 2009Company INGOR acquired GRVG shares 

2nd March 2009Company INGOR acquired GRVG shares 

26th February 2009Non-audited Financial Statements of Gorenje, d.d., and Gorenje Group for the year 2008 

26th February 2009The 24th Supervisory Board Meeting of Gorenje, d.d. 

16th February 2009Gorenje's Major Strategic Milestones 

12th February 2009The Supervisory Board of Gorenje is supporting the Management Board measures against the crisis 

9th February 2009The level of orders lower by one quarter

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