Thursday, 31st January 2008, Velenje, Slovenia

Initiative of Gorenje for a new energy label

Gorenje, d.d., is as a direct member of the European Committee of Manufacturers of Domestic Equipment CECED proposing to introduce a new, open scheme for labelling energy efficiency of household appliances. Contemporary household appliances have outgrown the scale of the existing energy label, which provides to the consumer information on energy efficiency of the product. Therefore, an upgrading of the scheme is necessary. European manufacturers united their efforts in the project for the introduction of the new label  "Beyond A". 

The energy label has been one of the most successful tools of the European Union for improving energy efficiency of products in the last ten years. Gorenje and other household appliance manufacturers have been constantly improving energy efficiency of their appliances since the introduction of the energy label. Consequently, appliances have moved up the energy scale from the class G towards A. The manufacturers have been so successful in improving the energy characteristics of appliances that new provisional classifications »A+« and »A++« had to be added to properly accommodate refrigerators and washing machines.

To ensure further efficiency of the energy label a revision of the existing energy scheme for labelling appliances is necessary. Gorenje is proposing together with the European Committee of Manufacturers of Domestic Equipment to introduce a new dynamic, open-ended labelling scheme with a numeric scale that can be upgraded to accommodate the continued improvements of appliances. 

Drago Merva, representative of Gorenje in the CECED: "Gorenje has been committed to the development of environmentally friendly and energy efficient household appliances and to providing adequate information on energy characteristics of its appliances. By proposing introduction of the new labelling scheme for classifying appliances we are fortifying our efforts in the field of ecology and development of environmentally friendly products. We want to offer our consumers even more detailed information on energy efficiency of our products; the updated energy label we are proposing will help them to make better purchase decisions.”