Wednesday, 13th February 2008, Velenje, Slovenia

SmarTable Wins the Audience Award at an Exhibition in Paris

The visitors of the Observeur 08 exhibition in Paris voted Gorenje's SmarTable, along with the robot Spykee, into second place among the total of over 200 excellently designed innovative products. Most votes went to electric powered scooter E-Solex, which was, incidentally, designed at the Pininfarina Design Studio, one of Gorenje's design partners. The third place went to a bicycle Velib, an extravagant bike available through public bicycle rental programs in Paris and some other European cities.

Since October last year, 211 most creative and innovative products of industrial design, as selected by an international expert jury, were presented and displayed at the Cité des Sciences in Paris. The show was seen by over 200 visitors who also rated the displayed products, pointing out those that impressed them the most. Gorenje's prestigious SmarTable, a unique table with a remotely controlled built-in refrigerator, which is considered a worldwide innovation, came in an impressive second. This product is intended for the most demanding users who live unconventionally and can afford to do so; on the other hand, its clear message of innovativeness, business excellence, luxury, and prestige, make it very fitting for ceremonial, representative, and business environments.

"The second prize at the 'Observeur 08' is a huge stimulus to Gorenje, perfectly timed to coincide with SmarTable's entry to the European market. SmarTable is Gorenje's major own innovation, fueled heavily by the spirit of design. Its fundamental value lies in the act of 'liberating' the refrigerator from the direct environment of the kitchen, in the conventional sense of the word, and enabling its placement into a living environment of one's choice. Thus, it links the cooling appliance with comfort and the experience of a good host, as it provides the host a lever for creating small simple pleasures by offering the option to transform a working environment into an ambience for relaxation, a snack, or a toast. This what makes the SmarTable unique", commented the director of the company Gorenje Design Studio, Mr. Jurij Giacomelli.

SmarTable by Gorenje, with various combinations of materials and different forms, is already available in European markets.

SmarTable introduces the new convertible

SmartTable by Gorenje is a detour from the customary way of thinking. It excels with new flexibility, an increasingly appreciated characteristic in contemporarily designed products, which allows SmarTable to adapt instantly to the user's wishes and requirements. As a result, SmarTable is also convenient for representative and business environments and will make everyone an excellent host, allowing a celebration of a major deal in style

The Observeur contest has been organized since 1999 by the French Agency for Promotion of Industrial Design (Agence pour la promotion de la crétion industrielle, On the one hand, it seeks to illustrate to companies in all spheres that design today represents an indispensable differentiating factor in international competition; on the other hand, it is aimed at increasing public awareness of the right to design, whatever the individual’s purchasing power or physical, economic, social and cultural capacities. The jury includes internationally acclaimed and renowned design experts and experts from some related fields, manufacturing, and specialized media.