Thursday, 28th February 2008, London, United Kingdom

Gorenje in the "Zero Carbon House"

Gorenje contributed a set of high-end, energy efficient household appliances for the "Zero Carbon House" manufactured by the renowned ZEDfactory Ltd practice (ZED standing for Zero (fossil) Energy Development), from Britain, specializing in zero energy developments. The house was presented at Ecobuild, London, Europe's biggest event dedicated to sustainable design and construction. Gorenje is taking part in the project as the best designated provider of environment-friendly and energy-efficient household appliances in the market.

The ZEDfactory team invited Gorenje to take part in the project of "Zero Carbon House" construction, as they found that Gorenje was the appliance manufacturer that best pursued the the goals of the new government Code for Sustainable Homes with regard to environment-friendly and energy efficient household appliances. Mr. Matej Čufer, head of Gorenje UK: "For Gorenje, teaming up with the ZEDfactory is an important step forward on our way of making the consumers aware of the environment-friendly and energy-efficient household appliances, as well as the entire concept of environment-friendly and accountable lifestyle. Most Gorenje appliances are ranked in the A or A+ energy classes, and they are all manufactured according to high eco-standards. Cooperation with the ZEDfactory is evidence that we are the best in this field as well."

The following Gorenje appliances were installed in the ZEDfactory's "Zero Carbon House" at the Ecobuild 2008 event in London:

WA 65205 AL freestanding washing machine is one of the most environmentally efficient appliances in the market today.  It has a number of special functions that ensure exactly the right amount of water and power is used for each wash. It is triple A rated for energy, performance and spin efficiency, while its design won Gorenje the prestigious Red Dot Award.

B8975E built-in oven is also A rated for energy use. This model has several energy saving functions and features, including triple glazed glass doors and a special eco-clean enamel that reflects the heat, distributing it evenly throughout the oven cavity.

EIT 2600 P2 built-in induction hob was created by renowned designer, Paulo Pininfarina.  Most famous for designing Ferrari sports cars, Pininfarina understands the importance of effective energy usage.  Induction hobs are extremely energy efficient as they only heat the base of the pan; this eliminates any concern of heat being wasted. Induction hobs are also safer and faster than other types of hobs.

RKI 4266 W built-in fridge freezer is also A rated for energy usage. It can freeze up to 9 kg of food in 24 hours, using only 0.86 kWh in the process.

"Zero Carbon Houses" are eco friendly houses with zero net energy consumption. They are self-sufficient in terms of power generation and they do not emit any carbon dioxide into the environment. They employ innovative approaches to energy saving and environment sustainability. The houses are built using materials that store the heat during warm periods and emit it during cold ones. Energy is retrieved from various sources – earth, sun, air, wooden waste: to this end, these houses include special power plants for combined heat and power generation.

Ecobuild 2008, Europe's biggest event dedicated to sustainable design and construction which took place in London from February 26 to 28, 2008, featured over 500 exhibitors and included 75 seminars. The event was attended by over 24,000 visitors.