Thursday, 21st February 2008, Velenje, Slovenia

Gorenje & Pininfarina – a bond in the new culture of living

Pininfarina is a globally renowned design brand particularly famous for its automobile designs – most notably, the cult Ferrari. However, the Pininfarina Studio is also active in the field of industrial design, architecture, and interior design. Its cooperation with Gorenje dates back 18 years. Strategic pursuit of a shared vision led to a solid relationship between the two companies.

The first series of Gorenje household appliances was designed by Pininfarina as early as in 1990. Ten years later, in 2000 when Gorenje celebrated its 50th anniversary, the first comprehensive collection of household appliances bearing the name Gorenje Pininfarina was launched. Thus, the joint efforts resulted in the first comprehensive line of uniformly designed appliances. A new culture of living was born. In 2005, another collection followed this path and it, too, immediately won the hearts of European consumers. At the end of last year, the third common project saw the light of day: the prestigious collection of household appliances in black called Gorenje Pininfarina Black combines excellent design with state-of-the-art technology. During the presentation for the international press, Mr. Paolo Pininfarina described the line as a "beauty hiding a beast within". Hence, Gorenje and Pininfarina have created a classic beauty. A design that lasts – just like their partnership.

With its appearance and rich functionality, Gorenje Pininfarina Black Collection embodies a comfortable life – something that is increasingly appreciated by contemporary consumers whose lifestyles steer the trends, and who only select for themselves and their homes the ordinary, yet precious things of lasting beauty and value. Creators of the Gorenje Pininfarina Black line believe that by combining superior design with advanced technology they have once again created a prestigious and timeless collection.