Friday, 7th March 2008, Velenje, Slovenia

Franjo Bobinac awarded for outstanding business achievements

Yesterday evening, the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry held an award ceremony at which the 40th Awards for Economic and Business Achievements were presented. These awards are considered the most prestigious of their kind in Slovenia, with the longest history and tradition. Seven managers and entrepreneurs from four regions and six different industries received the award for 2007; also among them was Mr. Franjo Bobinac, Gorenje President and CEO.

The Award of the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Outstanding Economic and Business Achievements focuses on a link between a strong personality – the manager, and the company. This award recognizes the role of both in the history of Slovenian economy. In addition to general development aspects of the company, business performance, and level of company internationalization, several other criteria are considered when selecting the recipients of the award, such as rapid and effective increase growth of market shares, entering new markets, a concise vision and clear long term strategy, in-house development, and innovation.

The prestigious award was presented to Mr. Franjo Bobinac by Mr. Ivan Atelšek, the first recipient of this award back in 1969. Mr. Bobinac expressed his gratitude for the award by the following statement: "I hereby thank you for acknowledging and appreciating the fact that in this mature, globalized, and stringently competitive industry, our company is attempting to swim against the current, persisting in its efforts to be among the best in terms of excellence, design, and innovativeness. Managing the work of 11,000 people is hardly a job for a single person, and I certainly do not conceive of my work as being that. Hence, I am happy to share this award above all with my management team. Many of you are here today, dear colleagues. I like working with you; there are still plenty goals to be reached together. I have learned a lot from you; I still do, and I present a part of this award to you."

Anton Papež of TCG UNITECH Lth–ol, Janez Škrabec of RIKO, Franci Pliberšek of MIK, Savinka Urbašek, of NIEROS Metal, Rok Uršič of Instrumentation Technologies, and Aleksander Zalaznik of Danfoss Trata also received the award of the Slovene Chamber for Commerce and Industry, besides Franjo Bobinac.