Monday, 10th March 2008, Velenje, Slovenia

Gorenje slim washing machine leads the pack in cost effectiveness

The German Consumers Association, a non-government parent organization for 42 German Consumer Societies, rated the Gorenje Slim washing machine as the most cost effective in the category of 4.5 to 5-kilogram load washing machines. The results published on the Association website show that the appliance was ranked first by the category of cost per washing cycle; this includes the estimation of appliance purchase cost per washing cycle, use of power and water, energy efficiency, washing effect, spinning effect, and number of revolutions per minute during spinning.

The German Consumers Association estimated that Gorenje Slim washing machine uses 0.19 kWh of power and 8 liters of water per kilogram of cotton laundry washed at 60°C; this amounts to 0.85 kWh of power and 37 liters of water per full load. In view of acceptable figures for power and water consumption, and favorable price-to-performance ratio, the Slim washing machine took the top of the list. The estimation amounted to no more than 0.29 EUR per washing cycle, assuming the price of power at 1.8 EUR per kWh, and price of water at 3.80 EUR per m3. Calculation of prices was prepared at the Institute of Applied Consumer Research in Cologne (IFAV - Institut fur angewandte Verbraucherforschung, Köln); the authors of the research also noted that the data applied as orientation for consumers is valid for a longer period of time (prices are updated once per year; most recently, they were updated in September 2007).

Gorenje Slim appliances are classified in "A" energy class. As Exclusive models they boast special programs and features, low consumption of water and power, the option of LCD screen, and spinning with up to 1,400 revolutions per minute. One highly convenient feature of the Slim washing machines is their depth; at 44 centimeters, the appliance is ideal for installation in smaller rooms. Despite its slimness, the appliance enables 4.5 kilogram load. Other notable features include 33-centimeter door that can be opened to the angle of 183°, 3D rib and special drum perforation, stability control system, UseLogic® technology, foam sensor, protection from program selection mistakes, ECO system for optimal use of powder detergent, enzyme washing phase, spill protection, self-cleaning filter, shower system, detergent saving system, etc. This is topped by features such as water clearness sensor, washing start timer, child lock system, Aqua stop protection, and Super Silent operation.

The German Consumers Association is a non-government parent organization for 42 German Consumer Societies. It is the public advocate of consumers' interest vis-à-vis legislators, the private sector, and the civil society. The main mission of the Association is to protect and educate the consumers, which is carried out by way of lobbying and campaigning at the national and European level, by collective legal action in the name of the consumers, and by maximizing the media coverage of their messages. The Association website offers the Infothek info system with a database of reports and results of tests for various products. Independent experts are in charge of updating the information. The Infothek database includes test results from the field of household appliances, consumer electronics, construction, furniture and interior design, power, health, leisure time, and sports.