Friday, 14th March 2008, Ljubljana/Slovenia, Milan/Italy

Gorenje Tiki at M.C.E fair in Milan

Heat Pumps and Solar Systems are the Future of Heating

Gorenje Tiki is presenting the company and its product range at the M.C.E. – Mostra convegno Expocomfort – 2008 fair which is currently taking from March 11th to 15th in Milan. The Mostra convegno Expocomfort is a biannual fair with a far-reaching tradition, as this year's edition is the 36th in a row. The fair is regarded as one of the most prominent European fairs of heating, cooling, and air conditioning equipment, bathroom and sanitary fittings and equipment, and water pipeline fittings. 

Gorenje Tiki stand at the Fiera Milano fairgrounds is located in Hall 3, exhibition spot R 60. In addition to the standard program of water heaters and tanks, heat pumps, and radiators, there are also some new additions to the product range, which include a prototype of a combined horizontal water heater TGRKU, and an electric water heater Electronic with vacuum insulation; the latter is presented in two prototype versions. Furthermore, a redesigned Gorenje heat pump for sanitary water is presented, while a lot of attention will predictably be drawn by the innovatively designed radiator, a result of Gorenje's cooperation with the Ljubljana Academy of Visual Arts and Design. 13 students from the third year took part in the contest, with each of them submitting two solutions. The first on is technologically based on the existing Gorenje TIki program, while the other one is more expressive and daring; all final solutions are highly innovative and clearly distinctive when compared to the current offer in the market.

"In Milan, we present our program of water heaters and tanks; a lot of attention is also paid to the segment of heat pumps, the use of which has been growing for some time in Europe; as they are related to an alternative source of energy, they are also supported by the Brussels policy. One of the promising methods of making use of the solar energy is the photovoltaic cells which convert the solar energy into electric energy. However, this still lies somewhat ahead, in the future" noted Mr. Branko Apat, director of Gorenje Tiki, d.o.o., as he commented the trends in energy engineering. He added that their sales flagships are still electric and combined water heaters which supply over one third of some Eastern and Southern European markets; in Ukraine, for instance, company market share in this segment amounts to 35 percent.

Increasing importance of environment protection, rapid changes in the fuels market, and the awareness that the supply of most currently used fuels is finite, will affect quite strongly our decision on the most appropriate way of heating our sanitary water in the future. The most important aspect of selecting the sources will certainly  be their availability, current price, but also the amount of funds disposable for an investment.

"There are several possible methods of water heating. The most ecologically sound source is the solar energy which is virtually free. A solar system for heating sanitary water makes use of the energy radiated by the sun. With regard to energy costs, a heat pump is also highly economical. It can use the heat in the air, soil water, earth, or other media", explained Mr. Matjaž Filo, technical director in Gorejne Tiki, d.o.o.

Dimplex heat pumps which are distributed and sold by Gorenje Tiki, are an ecologically sound response to the increasing heating costs; they make use of up to 80 percent of the energy stored in your surroundings. Heat stored in the earth, soil water, or the air, is always freely at our disposal, which enables our independence from the rising prices of oil and natural gas. At the same time, the economical heat pumps are more than adequate to meet our requirements for comfort and convenience. A heat pump can actually be used both for heating and for cooling, or air conditioning, especially when combined with a ventilation system; such solutions provide a very favorable and pleasant atmosphere in your home throughout the year. Furthermore, they are well suited for heating sanitary water or a swimming pool.

Heat pumps are definitely among the most efficient systems; their advantages include the possibility of cutting the heating costs by 60 to 80 percent; they do not cause any pollution at the point of installation, while maintenance is simple and cheap. Heat pumps can be used as an elementary or additional heat source for heating systems, as well as for preparing warm sanitary water in apartments, single family homes, and other residential and commercial buildings.