Monday, 10th March 2008, Budapest, Hungary

Futuristic kitchen in Budapest

From March 6th to 9th 2008, the company Gorenje Budapest, in coproduction with the company Stilles, took part in the exhibition of contemporary interior design trends at the 11th 360°Hometrend & Design Exhibition in Budapest. The highlight of the exhibition was Gorenje's futuristic kitchen displayed in the historical center of the city, on the famous Heroes' Square. Appearing as a special guest of the exhibition was the globally renowned French designer of the younger generation, Ora-Ïto who designed the Gorenje futuristic kitchen in addition to a trendy collection of household appliances in black, called the Gorenje Ora-Ïto Collection.

The consistently growing company Gorenje Budapest has doubled its revenues since 2005. Last year, total revenues from sales amounted to EUR 20 million, with their market share reaching 10 percent. On the quest for success, establishing a sound reputation of Gorenje as a designer brand is an important part of marketing activities. Head of marketing in Gorenje Budapest, Mrs. Magdolna Papocsi explained: "We took part in the exhibition in coproduction with the company Stilles because we also equipped their kitchens with our appliances. Apart from that, cooperation between the two companies goes beyond this exhibition, as they are also engaged in marketing our kitchen appliance programs." Commenting on the futuristic kitchen and success of the Gorenje Ora-Ïto Collection which has been offered in the Hungarian market for a good year, she added: "The invitation to display the futuristic kitchen came from the organizers of the 360° Hometrend & Design Exhibition; it was also their idea to invite the designer Ora-Ïto as a guest. The kitchen aroused a lot of attention of both passers-by and the media, thus enhancing the reputation of both Gorenje brand and the Gorenje Ora-Ïto Collection – the sales of which are slowly, but steadily and insistently growing."

Gorenje's latest line of household appliances, the Gorenje Ora-Ïto Collection, combines Gorenje's technology and quality with the talent of the globally renowned top-class designer of the young generation, Ora-Ïto. The Collection comprises a series of refrigerator-freezers, multifunctional ovens, glass-ceramic and induction cooking hobs, evacuation kitchen hoods, and decorative panels for dishwashers and microwave ovens. The appliances are distinctive for the harmonious appearance of their front panels which are covered completely with black glass and feature a brushed aluminum handle in either natural or black color. This line of Gorenje appliances addresses primarily the trend-aware urban consumers who are looking for high quality, yet reasonably priced products with excellent and distinctive design.

The appearance of the black appliances is particularly striking in the context of the so-called futuristic kitchen which contrasts them with white color. The kitchen, in the shaped of a rounded cube, is made as a monolith that can be lifted and dropped into the space of choice. Its design in the characteristic minimalist style of the designer Ora-Ïto, called Simplexity, presents a visionary anticipation of the new trend in kitchen design. The kitchen is made of an advanced composite material often dubbed "the material of the future". It is resistant to all weather conditions, which allows the kitchen to be displayed outdoors.

Ora-Ïto commented on his cooperation with Gorenje: "We seized an exceptional opportunity by combining the talents and creating jointly a collection of appliances and the futuristic kitchen that presents a milestone in the history of kitchen design. I feel sure that these appliances are indeed the classic of tomorrow's kitchens."

In addition to the futuristic kitchen displayed on the Heroes' Square in the center of Budapest, Gorenje also exhibited its SmarTable at the Museum of Art; this display, too, featured interior equipment by the company Stilles Hungary. A view of the exhibition area, although designed in a retro baroque style, revealed the contemporary trends in interior design, particularly through contributions of the companies Porcelanos and Romo Fabrics. The visitors were the most enthusiastic about the prestigious SmarTable which is an excellent example of how modern design and technology increasingly facilitate our lives.

The 360° Hometrend & Design Exhibition is attended each year by major international companies and globally renowned designers whose products and services are offered in the Hungarian market. The event takes place on several locations in Budapest, with the main exhibition areas located in Műcsarnok, Heroes' Square, Városliget Park, and Museum of Art.