Tuesday, 22nd April 2008, Velenje, Slovenia

Initiative Eco Familiy - Help the Planet with the Informed Behavious

To commemorate the Earth day Gorenje presented for the first time the Eco Family initiative to the public. The aim of the initative is to motivate individuals to change their wasteful habits, to introduce energy-efficient technology in their homes, and to seek alternative options. By establishing the Eco Family initiative, Gorenje is extending the framework of thinking about the agents of efforts for a cleaner environment; in addition to asking what I can do as an individual or employee, it seeks to answer how we as society can contribute. Two books entitled Ecofamily – Environmentally Friendly Operation in Order to Preserve the Planet and Ecofamily – Help the Planet with the Informed Behavious, have been published within the initiative of the Eco Family.

In addition to continuous optimization of environment-friendly technologies and products in terms of their direct and indirect impact on the environment, Gorenje is also dedicated to propose guidelines or stimuli that are communicated to the public, or various communities, either as information about the company's efforts in the field of environment protection, or as practical environment protection tips. Use of household appliances presents a part of activities that contribute to greenhouse emissions because they are used every day, with some of them being switched on 24/7. Gorenje's Eco Family initiative seeks to direct the attention of the consumers to the selection and use of household appliances.

The message of the Eco Family initiative is that our planet is becoming increasingly smaller and that its inhabitants will only be able to continue to exist if we bridle our wasteful habits. Rapid growth of global population is related to steeply rising use of energy and water, larger manufacturing output, more traffic, as well as more waste and more greenhouse emissions which are the main cause of global warming. Given the fact that 40 percent of emissions into the atmosphere come from households, improving the ecological awareness of individuals is imperative. Gorenje's Eco Family initiative is aimed at changing the wasteful habits of individuals by introducing energy-efficient technologies and motivating the use of alternative resources. One possible contribution is the right choice and use of household appliances. It is a fact that greenhouse emissions and energy consumption of obsolete appliances exceed that of the new ones rated class A, A+, and A++, by several times; on the other hand, the use of appliances is often inappropriate and therefore unintentionally wasteful.