Tuesday, 22nd April 2008, Velenje, Slovenia

Gorenje donated 21 trees to the citizens of Velenje on the Earth Day

Gorenje donated 21 trees to the citizens of Velenje on the Earth Day

On the occasion of the international Earth Day, Gorenje donated to the citizens of Velenje 21 trees gingko biloba for the reviving of the square Titov trg. By organising the tree planting event with participation of Mr. Franjo Bobinac, Gorenje’s CEO and President of the Management Board, Mr. Srečko Meh, Mayor of the City Municipality of Velenje, and Ms. Nina Zbičajnik, a pupil of the Gustav Šilih Primary School from Velenje, Gorenje is encouraging inhabitants of Velenje to take environmentally responsible actions.

Mr. Franjo Bobinac explained in his introductory speech why Gorenje had decided to donate the trees: "In Gorenje, we consider the principle of sustainable development in every business decision we take. Our actual measures reflect our responsibility towards the environment, improvement of the life quality of our employees and their families, as well as that of the local community and the entire society. These measures are integrated into our work processes, product development, marketing strategy, and last but not least, the work habits of more than 11,000 employees in over 40 countries. In Gorenje, we have chosen an environmental policy because we believe that our attitude towards the environment reflects our attitude to ourselves and the generations to come. It appears that history chose our generation as the one that would take the most decisive steps for the preservation of the planet. In Gorenje, we have already assumed this responsibility."

The folkloric group Šmentana muha of the Gustav Šilih Primary School prepared a short entertainment programme presenting children playing rollicking games when pasturing cattle. Mr. Marko Vučina, head of the environment office for the SAŠA region, explained the project of reviving the central city square of Velenje; the first phase of the square restoration had finished with the planting of gingko trees. As Mr. As said by Mr. Simon Ogrizek, head of the office for horticulture in Velenje’s landscape maintenance company PUP, the ginkgo tree has been defying the changes on the planet for more than 200 million years. "Its resistant features reflect our character and therefore it will have the role of connecting the past with the future in Velenje." Mr. Srečko Meh, the Mayor of Velenje, supports Gorenje’s initiative, as he believes that only environment-friendly behaviour of the entire society can affect the performance of the measures needed to protect the environment: "The Municipality of Velenje is aware of this, it acts accordingly, and it has therefore decided to join the initiative of building the Ecofamily."

The Earth Day event symbolically introduced environment-friendly activities that Gorenje is going to perform in 2008, stressing that contribution of each person is indispensible for the preservation of the planet. Two brochures entitled Ecofamily – Environmentally Friendly Operation in order to preserve the planet and Ecofamily – Help the Planet with the Informed Behavious, have been published within the initiative of the Eco Family, whereas Gorenje’s employees issued an internal Eco Manifesto declaring that they will be more environment-friendly.