Tuesday, 8th April 2008, Zagreb, Croatia

EUR 15,400 raised through auction of the Pink Refrigerator

EUR 15,400 raised through auction of the Pink Refrigerator

Last night, 15,400 euros were raised at a charity auction in Zagreb, organized by the Croatian association Europa Donna, following an initiative by Gorenje; the funds are to be donated to the Varaždin General Hospital, for the purchase of a mammogram.

The pink Old Timer refrigerator by Gorenje, embellished with a ribbon made of white gold, manufactured by Zlatarna Celje (Celje Goldsmith Company), was purchased for EUR 10,400 by Mr. Đuro Bohnec, owner of the Bohnec dairy, while two silver ribbons by Zlatarna Celje were purchased for EUR 2,500 apiece by Mrs. Nada Restek-Smardžija, representing the company Roche, and Mr. Božidar Ledinko of the company Galko. Appearing as a brilliant auctioneer was the popular Croatian TV host Karmela Vukov Colić, while the auction also featured a performance by the Kraljevi ulice ("Kings of the Street"), the band that is to represent Croatia at the Eurosong contest in Belgrade.

»The funds raised at the charity auction are a notable contribution to the struggle against breast cancer which is, when identified early enough, curable in 90 percent of all cases. In Croatia, the availability of mammograms is far too low, although this equipment is quite invaluable as the key tool for discovering the disease found in an increasing share of women. We therefore thank Gorenje and Zlatarna Celje for helping us organize the charity auction, as well as everyone who donated their funds", commented Mrs. Nada Kraljević, M.D., president of Europa Donna Croatia, at the end of the auction. Apparently happy about the sum raised, she added that owing to modern diagnostic equipment, this disease is discovered much earlier, which enables its proper treatment and even makes it curable.

"In Gorenje, we are aware that, in addition to creating value for the shareholders, socially accountable action which includes care for humans and their health is very important. We are happy that the Croatian business community proved tonight that they share this opinion", said Mrs. Mirjana Dimc Perko, member of the Gorenje Management Board; furthermore, she stressed the importance of links between the business community and non-government organizations in humanitarian projects such as the one at hand.

The concept of the Pink Refrigerator campaign was laid down last year in Gorenje. The first auction took place in Ljubljana, in cooperation with the Slovenian association Europa Donna and Zlatarna Celje; their combined efforts led to raising a significant sum for the requirements of the Celje General Hospital. Following the auction in Zagreb, the campaign is planned to be extended to other European countries where the Europa Donna association has its local branches.