Thursday, 8th May 2008, Paris, France

Futuristic kitchen nominated as the innovation of the year

Futuristic kitchen nominated as the innovation of the year
The recent days have seen the launching of Gorenje's trendy household appliance collection Gorenje Ora-Ïto in the French market. The range of appliances was introduced to the French public on April 30th at the opening of the Foire de Paris fair taking place from April 30th to May 12th 2008; the appliances were presented installed in the futuristic kitchen. The opening was also attended by the collection's designer Ora-Ïto, a globally renowned French designer of the young generation. The futuristic kitchen as a special achievement was nominated for the innovation of the year, thus making its way to the central exhibition area for innovations – the Podium de l'innovation.

Tassadit Ait Si Mohamed, head of marketing in Gorenje France: "Last year, we drew attention to our exhibition area at the Foire the Paris with the SmarTable; this year, the object of admiration was the futuristic kitchen, designed for Gorenje by France's hottest globally renowned designer of the young generation, Ora-Ïto. Upon the introduction of the collection of trendy household appliances Gorenje Ora-Ïto to the French market, we expect it to perform well in terms of sales. After all, this line offers high-quality products with excellent and distinctive design at an affordable price."

The Gorenje Ora-Ïto Collection combines Gorenje's technology and quality with the design talent of a globally acclaimed excellent designer of the younger generation, Ora-Ïto, who commented: "Just like the Foire de Paris fair is intended for a wider audience, so too is the Gorenje Ora-Ïto collection a series of products that democratizes design, as it is intended for a wider group of consumers."  The trendy collection of appliances and the futuristic kitchen, he believes, present a milestone in the history of kitchen design. "I strongly believe that these appliances already present the classic for the kitchens of tomorrow."

This year, Gorenje was presented at the Foire de Paris fair for the second time. The French audience can learn of the company and its products at two locations: the standard exhibition area, and the innovation podium – Podium de l'innovation, a special highlighted area that features only the products selected by the jury for their innovativeness and excellent design. Gorenje's goal with regard to attending this exhibition is to present its most innovative products in order to improve the distinctiveness and reputation of the Gorenje brand which ranks as an alternative brand in the French market.
Matjaž Geratič, director of Gorenje France: "Last year, Gorenje increased its sales growth, both in terms of volume and value, by 10 percent. Sales revenues thus reached a record-breaking figure of EUR 60 million." Standing for the majority of total sales are refrigerators-freezers, followed by washing machines and cooing appliances. Three years ago, the French branch successfully penetrated the market with the bathroom and sanitation equipment, while the introduction of other furniture is still under consideration. Growth is also attained by expansion of sales channels; last year, two major retail chains, Concerto and Snaidero, were added to the list of customers. The Gorenje Ora-Ïto collection is also featured in the most famous Paris mall, Galeries Lafayette.

About the Collection and the futuristic kitchen Gorenje Ora-Ïto

The collection comprises a series of refrigerator-freezers, multifunctional ovens, glass ceramic and induction cooking hobs, evacuation kitchen hoods, and decorative panels for washing machines and microwave ovens. The appliances are distinctive for the harmonized appearance of the front panels that are entirely covered in black glass and feature handles made of brushed aluminum in either natural or back color. This Gorenje's line predominantly addresses the trend-aware urban consumers who are looking for high-quality, excellently and distinctively designed, yet affordably priced products for their kitchens.

The uniqueness of the black appliances is perhaps best expressed in the so-called futuristic kitchen in white, shaped as a rounded cube. The futuristic kitchen is actually a monolith structure that can be lifted and transported to virtually any location. It is designed in the distinctive minimalist style typical of the designer Ora-Ïto who calls his style Simplexity. His design appears as a visionary anticipation of the new trends in the field of kitchen design. The futuristic kitchen is made of an advanced composite material dubbed by many "the material of the future". It is resistant to all kinds of weather which allows the kitchen to be displayed outdoors.

The futuristic kitchen thus continues to clock up the miles across Europe. By now, it has traveled over 13,000 kilometers. Its most recent stop, before Paris, was the famous Heroes' Square in the center of Budapest; there, it was also paid a visit by its designer, Ora-Ïto. After the Foire de Paris fair where it will be exhibited until Monday, May 12th 2008, it will return to Slovenia where it will be once again displayed in Velenje in June.