Thursday, 12th June 2008, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Fall in love to death before the summer starts

Fall in love to death before the summer starts

Gorenje organised in cooperation with the Slovenian Youth Theatre from Ljubljana a special event for journalist and editors inviting them to a unique concert for one chef, six apprentices and three persons in charge of dishwashing entitled “Love to death”  and put on stage of the Slovenian Youth Theatre under the guidance of the director Matjaž Pograjc.

The play unites the art of theatre and cooking and it is a true theatre banquet at which black household appliances of Gorenje Ora-Їto collection play their role magnificently marking fatally the whole play.

Gorenje donated Gorenje Ora-Їto appliances for the purpose of the stage setting; today they are thought to be the trendiest collection available on the European market and they undoubtedly mark the whole play while appearing along the excellent theatre team of Love to death.

Foreign media have named the attractive Gorenje’s collection iPhone among kitchen appliances, while the famous magazine Wallpaper nominated the Gorenje Ora-Їto collection among the best five novelties in the category of household appliances. In Gorenje we believe that a brilliant acting career also awaits the collection, which has already acted in 25 play repetitions and with the start of the new theatre season new shows and maybe even guest appearances in other towns will be scheduled.

Gorenje Ora-Їto household appliances are undoubtedly trendy and technologically advanced enough to decorate one of several cult apartments of the new James Bond.