Friday, 6th June 2008, Velenje, Slovenia

Delegation of the Slovenia-France Friendship Group visited Gorenje

On June 5, 2008 Gorenje hosted the four-member delegation of the Slovenia-France Friendship Group of France's National Assembly. The delegation members Jean-Michel Fourgous, Lionnel Luca, Jean-Pierre Dufau and Bernard Chalet had on their first visit of Gorenje the tour of the fridge-freezer production, the logistic centre Navis and Gorenje’s own Showroom.

Jean-Michel Fourgous, the Chairman of the delegation, said at the end of the visit that Gorenje's top-quality and very competitive products had greatly impressed the delegation. "Seeing this factory of top quality with good working conditions for its employees and its tidiness, we understand it better, why Slovenia is successful."