Wednesday, 4th June 2008, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Vesna Petkovšek receives the InJo 2008 award for innovation journalism

At the 3rd regional conference on innovation journalism and communication Stanford after Stanford, Mrs. Vesna Petkovšek, chief editor of Gorenje's corporate magazine Pika na G, was presented yesterday, on June 3rd 2008, the InJo 2008 award for the article on innovation in corporate magazines called "Competitive 540"; the article was published in the Gorenje corporate magazine Pika na G in issue 5, year 2007.

The award was instituted by the promoters of the InJo concept as a part of the Stanford after Stanford innovation journalism and communication conference – which was held for the third time this year – in order to motivate discussion on innovation in Slovenian media, and to contribute to the globalization of the innovation journalism concept. They are seeking to point to the authors and their contributions on innovation and innovation processes, and to emphasize their decisive effect on the development of innovative society. The InJo award was presented for the second consecutive time this year and it is a pilot project on a global scale.

In her article "Competitive 540", Mrs. Vesna Petkovšek presented the process and the significance of the redesign of 54-cm refrigerators-freezers sold by Gorenje predominantly in the European market. The introduction features a brief presentation of the project given as a statement by Mrs. Darja Slapničar, head of 54-centimeter refrigerator freezer redesign project. This is followed by a description of the preparatory stage as explained by Mr. Črt Prašnikar who also analyzed the market situation. The second stage of the project brings us to the part of the article dealing with project management, where Mr. Sebastjan Zaverla gives his account of the measureable goals related to development and sales. Through the development of this line of products, a new procedure was established called the Merit Point Method, according to which everyone involved in the project evaluates the new approaches to development. This method is elucidated by Mr. Vlado Bač, head of development team, who also presented two patent-protected solutions developed by applying the new methods. Mr. Dušan Mesner, head of technology team, then gives his account of the solution seeking and project complexity. The article goes on to include the statement of designer Mr. Tomi Krašovec who presented the key aspects of unifying the appearance of these appliances with the new generation of 60-cm wide refrigerators-freezers. This article by Mrs. Vesna Petkovšek also presents new user solutions developed through the project, and some practical advice for use. The contribution "Competitive 540" was published in the Gorenje corporate magazine "Pika na G", year XII, No. 5, 2007, p. 38.40.

The main criteria considered by the jury was the extent to which a particular contribution promotes or motivates innovation in terms of comprehensive understanding of innovation processes that include technology, business performance, science, politics, law, finance, culture, art, and other social and economic aspects; communication and connections between science, businesses, and government institutions, local communities, and other stakeholders; development of innovation journalism as a method of reporting on innovation and their decisive contribution to future development; understanding of innovation and creativity as key tools for providing Slovenia's stable long-term development and its transformation into an innovative society.