Friday, 18th July 2008, Warsaw, Poland

New warehouse and showroom in Poland

The company Gorenje Polska has recently moved into its new commercial and logistics complex at location Ožarów Mazowiecki in Warsaw, near central railway station and just off the main road entering the city from the direction of Berlin.

The new premises with a total area of 11,500 square meters include 10,000 square meters of warehousing facilities. The investment amounted to EUR 6 million. The new commercial and logistics centre also comprises a new showroom and a servicing unit is planned to be established here in the future to operate as a part of the existing spare part distribution network.

Gorenje Polska, operating in Warsaw since 1992, currently has 35 employees. Last year, Gorenje's exports to Poland amounted to EUR 23 million which includes 40 percent of refrigerator-freezers, followed by washing machines and dishwashers with a somewhat smaller share; other products of the Gorenje brand represent around 5 percent. Demand for A+ energy class products appears to be on the rise as well.

Poland is a country with the highest concentration of household appliance manufacturers in Europe; therefore, the competition in this large and growing market is tremendously stringent. "All major European manufacturers have manufacturing plants located in Poland; thus, even more effort must be invested in sound relations with our business partners. Our market share currently amounts to 4 percent. Needless to say, we are looking to boost this share, which will require even more effort, energy, and know-how" commented Mr. Franc Rogan, head of Gorenje Poland. "It is our goal to see our sales grow faster than the market. Products of the lower price range currently take the majority of the sales, but we do manage to sell a decent amount of upmarket products as well. Our company even ranks third by the sales of the trendy Gorenje Ora-Ïto Collection in the entire Gorenje Group", added Mr. Rogan.