Monday, 7th July 2008, Velenje, Slovenija

12th Gorenje Cup to German Bodmer

12th Gorenje Cup to German Bodmer

Last weekend Velenje was again in the mood colors of the traditional summer ski-jumping competition. With the Friday’s competition for the 22nd Mining Lamp it started the season of the international FIS continental cup ski-jumping summer 2008. On Saturday competition for 12th Gorenje Cup happened. The competition joined ski-jumpers from 13th countries. Gorenje received from the hands of organizers a recognition award for many years’ sponsorship of summer continental cup ski-jumping competition.

Friday’s Mining Lamp went to Primož Pikl, member of SKK Ljubno ob Savinji and the second place went to Velenje’s local ski-jumper Robert Hrgota. On the winning stage of the12th Gorenje Cup challenge has stepped German Pascal Bodmer and Slovenes Jure Šinkovec and Primož Pikl.

Gorenje celebrates this year a 14th birthday of collaboration with Slovene Nordic Teams. Sponsoring ski-jumpers is one of the ways Gorenje tries to help young talented sportsman’s and offering them a chance for success.