Saturday, 5th July 2008, Velenje, Slovenija

Gorenje presented a washing machine to the humanitarian organization Marjetica

Gorenje responded to the invitation to take part in a humanitarian TV show called Catch the Dream produced by TV Pika. The TV show team, joined by various guests, seeks to fulfill the wishes, or needs among the people from different parts of Slovenia. While visiting Kočevje, the team met the humanitarian organization Marjetica which helps deprived families make ends meet. In order to facilitate their work and thus contribute to their efforts, Gorenje presented to this organization a washing machine.

Humanitarian organization Marjetica, headquartered in Kočevje, has active across Slovenia since last October; its various campaigns are oriented towards helping as many children and families who turn to them for help. The organization warns that there are a lot of children, families, and individuals living in poverty and that the number of those in need of help is increasing each day.

As stated by Mrs. Marta Pust, president of the Marjetica society, in the final episode of "Catch the Dream", the need for food, clothing, school supplies, and other products is increasing; therefore, campaigns such as the one by TV Pika and their show Catch the Dream are very welcome. Upon the occasion, she added: "We thank Gorenje for the donated washing machine. This appliance will facilitate our work at the society and we wish there were more companies with a feel for humanitarian action. We believe the only way ahead is going hand in hand. We sincerely thank you for not forgetting about us and the children, families, and individuals in need of help."

Currently, four volunteers are active in the Marjetica society; shortly, they will also prepare consulting workshops. Everyday, they face problems like washing huge amounts of clothes and laundry for socially deprived families. "There are moments of hardship when people need a warm handshake, an understanding look, a word of comfort. However, In Gorenje we are aware of the specific needs with regard to which we are able to help by contributing our appliances. Since the clothes donated to the safe shelter of Marjetica society often have to be washed, we decided to donate a washing machine that will facilitate and speed up this task," said Mrs. Greta Kokot Rajkovič, Gorenje representative, and added that Gorenje often responds to campaigns of this kind, as well as to direct requests for help, particularly in cases of natural disasters such as fires, earthquakes, or floods which occur with increasingly often in our country as well.

As a socially responsible and accountable company, Gorenje is often the initiator of humanitarian projects. One example of such a project was the humanitarian auction for the prestigious refrigerators created in cooperation with the Swarovski brand, and the campaign that is currently under way in cooperation with Europa Donna, the European Breast Cancer Coalition ( Thus far, two humanitarian campaigns have taken place in cooperation with the Slovenian and Croatian organization Europa Donna, where Old Timer refrigerators embellished with a golden ribbon crafted at Zlatarna Celje were sold. All funds thus raised where donated for the purchase and upgrade of medical equipment for early cancer diagnosing. Three further charitable auctions for the pink refrigerator are scheduled for this fall, in London, Split, and Sarajevo.