Saturday, 30th August 2008, Berlin, Germany

Gorenje for iPod Refrigerator in the Spotlight

Gorenje for iPod Refrigerator in the Spotlight

Gorenje is paving the way to new dimensions of living, entertainment, cuisine, and household tasks. This time, they created a unique fusion of consumer electronics and modern kitchen equipment: Gorenje's charming black fridge freezer combined with the legendary iPod touch.

The fridge freezer with built-in speakers and a docking station for charging an iPod enables listening to music or playing back video contents ranging from music videos to video recipes. This combination is paving the way for new dimensions of cooking which is thus becoming an entertaining activity tailored to the preferences of the contemporary users.

Visitors from all over the world at the IFA fair are sieging the fridge-freezer Gorenje for iPod which has also immediately reached a numerous media attention.

Amidst the lively verve of the fair, Gorenje's new generation of cooking appliances in two designer lines, Pure and Allure, also caught its share of the visitors' attention, while the Ora-Ïto White Collection was another feast for the eyes.

Both lines of appliances saw their debut at the fair, announcing their launching in various European markets this fall.