Tuesday, 2nd September 2008, Berlin, Germany

Successful presentation of the Gorenje for iPod fridge freezer prototype

Successful presentation of the Gorenje for iPod fridge freezer prototype

Tomorrow is the closing day at the IFA 2008 international consumer electronics fair; according to current projections, this year's attendance will break records. Among Gorenje's numerous novelties and innovations exhibited at the fair the Gorenje for iPod refrigerator has been a true attention magnet, drawing interest from both visitors and representatives of competitors while the news about this product has spread rapidly across the internet.

»Gorenje for iPod refrigerator is targeting more demanding urban users who are looking for more from their refrigerator than merely an appliance for cooling food and drinks. Production is scheduled to commence at the end of this year or in the beginning of 2009", said Mr. Aleksander Uranc, head of Gorenje marketing.

The fridge freezer with built-in speakers and a docking station for charging an iPod enables listening to music or playing back video contents ranging from music videos to video recipes. This combination anticipates new dimensions of cooking which is thus becoming an entertaining activity tailored to the preferences of the contemporary users.

The project will be upgraded by offering new contents to be viewed on the iPod. Thus, Gorenje launched the development of the iGorenje web portal which will deliver additional contents related to cooking and other household tasks, adjusted for viewing on the iPod Touch screen and other mobile devices. "We are looking to further expand the use of iPod Touch; therefore, we launched a test project of household appliance control via this device, which was also presented at the fair", commented Mr. Uranc on the issue of further project development.