Monday, 1st September 2008, Berlin, Slovenia

The new generation of Gorenje kitchen appliances exhibited in Berlin

The new generation of Gorenje kitchen appliances exhibited in Berlin

Gorenje is presenting the new generation of cooking appliances for the first time to the public at the new international HOME APPLIANCES @ IFA 2008 fair. This comprehensive collection of kitchen appliances is available in two designer lines. In addition to appealing design, both boast numerous new patent-protected innovative technical as well as user- and environment-friendly functional solutions.

Gorenje's new generation of kitchen appliances has initiated a new trend in the contemporary culture of living. The appliances of the minimalistic design line Pure and of the dynamic line Allure adapt to the skills and needs of the chef paving thus the way to the excellent cooking results regardless if the user is a beginner or a professional in the kitchen.

The most notable patent protected technical solution is the HomeMADE oven with an exceptionally designed interior featuring arched ceiling and convex side walls enables surprising effects comparable to those of traditional bread ovens. Among the notable novel technological solutions of the new generation of cookers and built-in ovens is also the DirecTOUCH function that enables simple control via touch screen. The innovative system of side wall and oven door cooling, dubbed DynamicCooling, considerably decreases the temperature of the oven outer walls, thus improving your safety. To make the use of the oven even safer, the energy-efficient CoolDoor provides low temperature on the outer side of the oven door. Furthermore excellent door insulation, combined with layers of reflective material on the glass, enhances the performance of the oven and significantly reduces energy consumption. All new generation appliances by Gorenje are energy efficient as they are rated at least A-energy class.

The new generation of kitchen appliances saw their debut at the fair in Berlin, announcing their launching in various European markets this fall.