Wednesday, 1st October 2008, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Gorenje brand awarded as a "Trusted Brand"

Gorenje brand awarded as a "Trusted Brand"

At a gala event held in Ljubljana on 30 September, 2008, Gorenje was awarded for the second year in a row the Trusted Brand 2008 as the leading household appliance brand in Slovenia. The award indicates the confidence that Slovenian consumers have in Gorenje brand and it proves that Gorenje brand is respectful and well-known. Gorenje marketing director Mr. Aleksander Uranc accepted the award on behalf of Gorenje.

Reader’s Digest magazine awarded the awards taking into the account a survey that was polled by 951 respondents in Slovenia. The survey »Trusted Brand« was conducted for the eight consecutive year and represents one of the most comprehensive and extensive public opinion surveys on consumer attitude towards consumer products and services. 18 countries were included in the survey. The Slovenian Reader’s Digest magazine participated at the survey for the second time. The Slovenian part of the survey was carried out by Media Research Institute Mediana.

Gorenje is according to the survey results the most trustworthy brand among household appliance brands in Slovenia. 75,6 percent of 951 respondents chose Gorenje brand in preference to other white good brands. Gorenje brand also received the highest percentage of respondent votes among other Slovenian brands. Thus, Gorenje confirms once more to be the leading Slovenian brand.

Gorenje remains the most valuable Slovenian brand

Not only satisfied consumers but also expert surveys confirm good reputation of Gorenje brand. On 17 September, 2008 Austrian eminent private European Brand Institute from Vienna presented results of its brand research according to which for a brand to be successful it has to adapt to regional cultures, expectations and need. There is a significant dividing line between Eastern and West Europe in the European brand landscape with international corporation brands dominating in Eastern European countries. The Hungarian largest commercial bank OTP Bank, the Russian telecommunication brand Beeline and the Slovenian home appliance brand Gorenje have been exposed as positive examples to all European Union members by the institute. Thus, Gorenje has reinforced its brand leadership in the markets of Eastern Europe and increased its value by 63 Million euros or 16.5 percent to 445 million euros.