Monday, 17th November 2008, Velenje/Slovenia, Belgrade/Serbia

The Futuristic Kitchen Impresses Belgrade Yet Again

The Futuristic Kitchen Impresses Belgrade Yet Again

Having clocked up over 15,000 kilometres on its voyage through European capitals in a good year, the futuristic kitchen once again arrived at Belgrade where it started its journey in May 2007 with a launch at the Belgrade Design Week. This kitchen's unique ability to be displayed outdoors again attracted the attention of the passers-by at this year's 46th International Fair of Furniture, Equipment and Interior Decoration in Belgrade.

Gorenje at the Belgrade International Furniture Fair

From November 10 to 16, Belgrade hosted the largest international Furniture Fair in Serbia. The fair, aiming at both consumers and professionals, has over 80,000 visitors each year. Gorenje made its presence felt by displaying its futuristic kitchen at an attractive location in front of the main entrance to the fair.

Mrs. Alenka Mrzel, head of marketing at Gorenje Belgrade, explained that "Gorenje's goal for this fair is to promote its reputation of a design-oriented brand and to establish and expand its customer database." Gorenje is a market leader in Serbia and its products are present throughout the entire Serbian distribution network.  Serbian consumers are offered both small and large household appliances, heating and air conditioning appliances, consumer electronics, kitchen and bathroom furniture, ceramic tiles, and other furniture, as well as servicing. In the past two years, Gorenje has invested heavily in Serbia, opening eight Gorenje Studio showrooms that offer the entire range of Gorenje's products for home in one place. In December, a new commercial facility will be opened at an excellent location in New Belgrade, which will include offices, as well as a warehouse and the largest showroom in Serbia. In terms of company performance, Gorenje Belgrade boosted its sales by 35 percent last year, compared to 2006, while the year's plans include a 7 percent growth of sales, totalling at 304,000 large household appliances or EUR 70 million of revenues. This amounts to 50 percent of the entire Serbian market, a share that Gorenje has managed to retain in the past few years.

This appearance at the fair bore a double symbolic meaning: first, Gorenje was presented as a leading company in home equipment design; secondly, futuristic kitchen symbolically returned to the beginning of its journey through Europe, thus announcing its new voyage, this time with the Gorenje Ora-Ïto White Collection that is scheduled for release in the beginning of 2009.