Monday, 10th November 2008, Bucharest, Romania

New generation of cooking appliances in the Romanian market

On November 8th, Gorenje hosted a special event for over 100 business partners at an idyllic location of Cheile Gradistei in Moeciu, near the infamous Dracula's Bran Castle, to introduce to the Romanian market the new generation of cooking appliances and the 'Black up' range. Standing at the forefront of displayed products was the Gorenje Pininfarina Black Collection.

The highlight of the festive event that lasted until the evening when the guests were entertained by the renowned Doina Argeşului Band was the presentationof the new generation of Gorenje cooking appliances and its key advantages: technological perfection, contemporary design, innovative solutions, and environment friendliness. An extra treat and a bit of a surprise to the guests was the launch of the 'Black Up' range and the Gorenje Pininfarina Black Collection. Namely, black is becoming a hit colour in Romanian market as well. In addition to the presentation of new products, Gorenje offered the customers at the event an in-depth insight into the current conditions in the household appliances market in Romania; these are getting worse from month to month as a result of the financial crisis. Sales plans for the following year were laid out, and the presentation of the new appliances led immediately to the conclusion of several trade deals.
In Romanian market, Gorenje brand is positioned into the higher price range. The customers appreciate it for high quality, and it is increasingly renowned for its innovative solutions, contemporary design, and environment friendliness. The company's presence in the Romanian market dates back to 1990, while Gorenje's own subsidiary in this country was founded in 2002. Since then, Gorenje has consistently grown both by sales and by the scope of offer and number of business partners. Today, Gorenje brand is present in a widely spread distribution network, reaching 6 percent market share and ranking among the first five household appliances suppliers in the Romania. The company Gorenje Romania is estimated to sell over 145 thousand products for home in Romanian market in 2008, of which over 60 percent are large household appliances, with refrigerators-freezers and washing machines and dryers taking the majority, followed by 30 percent of small household appliances, while water heaters and other products take up the rest.

Mr. Tone Prislan, head of Gorenje Romania commented in the idyllic setting of the Dracula castle: "Despite the harsh situation in the market, resulting from the financial crisis, we will fight until the last drop of blood. Presentation of the new generation cooking appliances was successful and we are counting on lucrative sales of the products in black in this segment, particularly since black is becoming a trend in Romania as well."