Thursday, 20th November 2008, Split/Croatia, Velenje/Slovenia

Fourth pink refrigerator with a precious ribbon sold at a charity auction

Fourth pink refrigerator with a precious ribbon sold at a charity auction

EUR 16,800 Raised at an Auction for KBC (University Hospital) Split

Gorenje and Zlatarna Celje (Celje Goldsmiths) have teamed up for the second time with the Croatian association Europa Donna to raise funds for fighting breast cancer in Croatia. On Wednesday, November 19, EUR 16,800 was raised at a charity auction in Split. The auction included a bidding for a pink refrigerator embellished with golden jewellery and two silver ribbons. All funds shall be donated to the fund for purchasing equipment for the oncology department of the KBC (University Hospital) Split.

Gorenje Pink refrigerator embellished with a precious ribbon contributed by Zlatarna Celje, was purchased by the company Brodomerkur, while the bidding for the two silver ribbons were won by the ROCHE pharmacy company and the Split Businesswoman Association. The auction that took place in a cosy ambiance of the Atrium hotel in Split was again hosted by the popular Croatian announcer Mrs. Karmela Vukov – Colić, while the entertainment program featured the musical diva Mrs. Meri Cetinić, actor and singer Ksenija Prohaska, and the female klapa Neverin.

Following the charity auction in Zagreb to raise funds for the Varaždin General hospital, the campaign moves on to Dalmatia; the funds raised will be donated to the fund for updating the breast cancer treatment equipment of the KBC (University Hospital) Split oncology department.

"The pink refrigerator campaign was launched in Slovenia last year, and then carried on to Zagreb and London. In Gorenje, we are aware that in addition to generating value for the shareholders, social accountability and humanitarian care is also of vital importance. We are pleased to see that our guests tonight share our opinion", said Mr. Jan Štern, head of Gorenje Zagreb.

In a series of events similar to this one, Gorenje already manufactured and donated five top-class refrigerators made with CRYSTALLIZED™ Swarovski elements. This was followed by the pink refrigerators embellished with exclusive jewellery by Zlatarna Celje; thus, over EUR 200 thousand has been raised for charity to date. Based on agreements with regional organizations and societies, the funds are always donated to support actual projects and requirements in the environment where the project is taking place.

"The funds raised at the Split auction are a considerable contribution in the fight against breast cancer which is 90-percent curable if detected in an early stage. Hence, early detection is of key importance in our struggle. The number of women with this disease is rising in Croatia. I thank Gorenje and Zlatarna Celje for their cooperation in the campaign, and I thank those who donated funds at today's auction", said Mrs. Smiljana Rađa, president of the Europa Donna Split Association and the president of the Association of Women Suffering from Breast Cancer.

In his statement, Prof. Eduard Vrdoljak, PhD, head of oncology department of the Split KBC, expressed his gratitude and added that today the oncology department of the Split KBC, owing also to campaigns like this, has equipment more advanced than that in London, which surely improves the curability of this disease. He also addressed the lack of doctors in this area: "It is another issue that should concern us. I believe that more effort should be invested in promoting the profession among the young; however, this will surely be easier if the conditions in healthcare are better and hospital equipment is more advanced."

Prior to this event, four pink refrigerators were manufactured; Zlatarna Celje (Celje Goldsmiths), a partner throughout the campaign, contributed golden jewellery for all of them. Inspired by the success hitherto, the two companies intend to carry on the campaign in other European countries in which Europa Donna has its subsidiaries. They firmly believe that the auctions for pink refrigerators will motivate many more noble individuals and companies to give up a part of their capital for a good cause. This was the fundamental motto of the entire project that sprang from an initiative by the Europa Donna Association.