Wednesday, 10th December 2008, Paris, France

Gorenje in the advanced eco houses

Having teamed up with the English company ZED Factory (Zero Energy Development Factory) in UK in February this year, Gorenje took another part on November 22nd 2008 in the opening of the first zero energy eco house in France; the house is located in the town of Ville de Grande-Synthe near Dunkerque in the far north of France. Gorenje is a part of the project after it was selected as the best supplier of environment-friendly and energy-efficient household appliances in the market.

Gorenje has been the selected supplier for the ZED Factory eco house project in UK in February 2008. ZED Factory invited Gorenje to a partnership after identifying it as the best manufacturer of environment-friendly and energy-efficient household appliances in the market, which is surely another indication that Gorenje is highly committed to environment protection.

For Gorenje, this cooperation with the ZED Factory in France, as a part of the project by the policy of the French ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, is a major step on the way of raising consumer awareness on environment-friendly and energy-efficient household appliances, as well as on the entire concept of an environment-friendly and responsible lifestyle. In terms of environment protection, Gorenje is among the top players in European industry, with regard to both appliance development and technological process management. This is also supported by a research conducted by the Advanced Project, a group of independent research institutes from several European countries, which ranks Gorenje in third place in Europe with regard to efficient environment protection operations. The results have shown that Gorenje's approach to sustainable development and environment protection is among the most efficient in the segment of environment protection, social aspects, and management economics.

Mr. Tassadit Ait Si Mohamed, head of marketing at Gorenje France: "Nearly all Gorenje appliances are in the A or A+ energy class and they are manufactured according to high eco standards; this is what motivated the decision on joining the project partnership. Our advantage is that the array of Gorenje environment-friendly and energy-efficient products includes all price ranges, which allows our customers to select the products best suited to their preferences." The sample house in Grand Synthe features a Gorenje technologically advanced oven and NO-frost refrigerator-freezer, both from the Premium Touch range, with finger touch controls.

Zero-energy eco houses are autonomous in terms of generation and consumption of energy and have zero carbon dioxide emissions. They include innovative approaches to energy saving and environmental sustainability. The houses are built using thermally massive materials that store the heat during worm periods and release it during cold seasons. Energy is drawn from several sources – earth, sun, air, wooden waste; special power plants for combined heat and electricity have been built to this end.

ZED factory is a group of English architects headed by Bill Dunster. They are committed to the mission of creating environment-friendly buildings and sustainable design and they specialized in the construction of eco houses that are neutral in terms of both energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Bill Dunster, the mastermind of the company which has been around since 1998, comments: "In the fight against global climate changes and on the road of reducing the carbon dioxide emissions, construction of energy-efficient houses is not enough. Our goal, pursued by constructing the eco habitats, is to attain a zero carbon / zero waste society; i.e. a society with zero carbon dioxide emissions, and no waste generated." Their BedZED project, completed in 2002 in the Sutton Borough in London, has proven that it can be done. More information on their work is available at