Monday, 8th December 2008, Belgrade/Serbia

Marko Mrzel wings the Manager of the Year Award in Serbia

Marko Mrzel wings the Manager of the Year Award in Serbia

Each year, the Serbian club of reporters from the field of business and economics selects the most successful businesswomen and businesswomen in the country, in various categories. This year's recipients of the Manager of the Year Award also include Marko Mrzel, head of Gorenje Beograd, who won the prize in the category of trade companies.

The jury consists of journalists who, in addition to the business performance of the organization of each respective nominee, evaluate the candidate's personal traits. Numerous projects carried out by Mr. Marko Mrzel since he assumed his term in 2003 with generous support by his associates from the parent company have contributed to the development of the Belgrade subsidiary and repositioning the Gorenje brand into the category of trendsetters in the Serbian market.

Gorenje was the first company in the Serbian market to introduce specialized loans for household appliances, a 5-year warranty for large household appliances, and a call centre. It was also the first in Serbia to set up professional departments for promotion and sale of Gorenje products in major shopping centres. The largest and most complex project, however, was the establishment of Gorenje's own network of retail outlets called Gorenje Studio.

Upon receiving the award, Mr. Mrzel commented: "It pleases me to see that an elite group of reporters who are up to date with the development of the Serbian economy recognized and acknowledged the creative and successful performance of Gorenje. It should be noted that the goals we had defined could never have been attained without the enthusiasm, commitment, and positive energy of all Gorenje Belgrade employees, as well as support from the parent company. Hence, this award goes to all of us."