Friday, 30th January 2009, Ljubljana

The "Save up to 30 Percent of Power by Washing at 30°C" Receives the Sunny Personality Acknowledgement

The campaigns "You are the Energy, Be Efficient" and "Save up to 30 Percent of Power by Washing at 30°C" in which Gorenje has taken part as a member of the Synergy ("Sinergija") network were among the 35 nominees for the Sunny Personality (or Sunny Group) of the year 2008 as voted by the readers of the web portals "Sončeve pozitivke (The Sunny Positives)" and "Svet je lep (The World is Beautiful)", and the magazines "Karma Plus" and "Viva". At the award ceremony on January 28th, the said campaigns received a letter of acknowledgement as the "Sunny Personality" of 2008 for their efforts with regard to personal and spiritual growth, healthy lifestyle, ecology, and social issues, and for the endeavour for a better world in 2008.

In late October 2008, the campaign "Washing at 30°C Saves up to 30 percent of Energy" employed exercise (stationery) bikes to display the generation of power in order to demonstrate the input of energy required for a washing cycle at 30°C. As energy efficient products, Gorenje washing machines also offer a range of additional savings.

The title of the "Sunny Personality 2008" went to Mrs. Polona Samec for her awareness blog and for running the animal shelter in Horjul; the "Sunny Book" award was presented for the book "Alternative Medicine in Sports" by Mr. Marjan Ogorevc. The Sunny Personality of the Year contest is organized by the Society for Awareness and Personal Growth "Sonce" ("The Sun"), and the Sunny Personality awards have been presented since 2003 when the first positive personality of the year was voted and awarded for promoting and spreading the positive values, good deeds, personal growth, healthy lifestyle, and ecology.

The short, 17-minute program additionally boosts savings

Due to increasing use of various household appliances, power consumption in households has risen. Use of washing machine, dryer and dishwasher represents nearly 20 percent of all energy consumed in a household. However, small steps towards changing your daily routines can lead to a reduction of power consumption and savings that will be felt at the end of the month. In the case of washing, as much as 90 percent of total power consumed is used to heat the water to the desired temperature. Hence, lowering the washing temperature will decrease power consumption. Instead of the 40°C program, select the 30°C program and save up to 30 percent of power. Your less soiled laundry will thus be fresh and in perfect shape for a long time. The most recent models of Gorenje washing machines also offer the possibility of cutting the duration of the 30°C program to 17 minutes which will result in additional savings.

In a modern household, a washing machine is virtually indispensable. Particularly in families with children or families whose members engage in sports, the washing machine is in operation virtually every day. Therefore, efficient use of water and power is even more important. Before buying a washing machine one should certainly check the energy label, as well as the performance capacity. A washing machine with a capacity of 7 kilograms will allow washing more clothes at the same time, which is why it ranks among the most energy efficient class A appliances.

Compared to the appliances manufactured ten years ago, new generation washing machines use up to 16 percent less power and 37 percent less water. The most energy efficient program only uses 39 litres of water per washing cycle. Cutting-edge washing machines are also fitted with a sensor that perceives the weight of laundry and recommends the amount of detergent for the selected program accordingly, as well as sets the optimum water consumption. Savings can be further boosted by selecting shorter programs and lower temperatures for less soiled laundry and smaller quantities of laundry, as well as using the delayed cycle start function to time the operation of the washing machine during lower power rate period.

Gorenje washing machines also excel by a special eco saving system that prevents the loss of detergent during water addition. The system can reduce detergent consumption by up to 20 percent, thus allowing us to protect the environment more efficiently.

When buying a washing machine, one should pay attention to the message conveyed by the energy label.

Nearly all Gorenje appliances rank in the highest energy classes, A or A+. This is indicated on the energy label attached to every appliance. In addition, Gorenje's economic appliances are now distinguished by the green ECO CARE label which additionally informs and reminds the customers of the merits of buying an economic appliance manufactured according to stringent eco standards, which means that they use less power for their operation.

Gorenje washing machines offer special programs and functions suited for care of various types of fabric.

Mix program

Various fabrics of similar colours that have been washed separately thus far can be washed together with the Mix program at 30°C, efficiently and without any worries.

Jogging program

This quick washing program at 40°C for smaller quantities of sports apparel is an excellent choice for refreshing the clothes after exercise.

Simple ironing

More water and gentle spinning will make sure that the laundry is arranged more evenly during the washing process, leading to fewer creases. This will greatly facilitate ironing.

Hand wash

Delicate clothing that requires hand washing can be washed by a special 30°C program which will help maintain your clothes as good as new.

Quick wash

The quick wash function will reduce the washing cycle duration. Use it to wash less soiled laundry, as it will save time and water.

Efficient soaking with the 4D system

The 4D intensive soaking system introduces water with the detergent from the bottom, top, and two sides of the tub. Intensive soaking for excellent washing results and lesser power and water consumption.