Monday, 5th January 2009, Ljubljana

Gorenje Handball Players Visit Sick Children

In order to cheer up the children at the Paediatric Clinic in Ljubljana, the players of Handball Club Gorenje paid them a visit Just before Christmas, on December 23rd 2008, and presented them with club calendars called 'Meet the Heroes'.

Aljoša Štefanič, Marko Oštir, Matevž Skok, Aleš Sirk, and Jure Dobelšek first visited the school at the clinic where they met the students and the teachers. Then, they visited particular departments of the clinic, presenting young patients with calendars, and uttering words of encouragement and wishes of quick recovery.

Upon the end of their visit, they were welcomed by the Head of Clinic, Prof. Dr. Ciril Križišnik, who thanked them for their visit with the following words: "Our children need the positive energy, motivation, and encouragement that you have brought today, even more than anyone else." Mr. Križišnik was presented with a ball signed by al players and the team staff, and Slovenian national team member Jure Dobelšek presented to the clinic his jersey with number three, in which he played in the first part of the season. "Although we, too, feel rather tired after the first half of the season, we really enjoyed meeting the children. It was also an experience that we are not likely to forget. Undoubtedly, we will take part in similar campaigns in the future, as we are aware that this can mean an important encouragement to the children."