Thursday, 26th February 2009, Velenje

Non-audited Financial Statements for the year 2008

At its 24th Meeting held on 26 February 2009 the Supervisory Board was informed on non-audited Financial Statements regarding the business performance of Gorenje, d.d., and Gorenje Group for the year 2008.

In the opinion of the Management Board of Gorenje, d.d., despite very difficult economic conditions, especially in the last quarter, which was historically one of the hardest, the Group continued to increase revenue and EBITDA. The smaller growth of the volume of business operations and the  smaller production utilization caused lower profit as from the year before, as regards the level of performance as level of the net profit.

The Supervisory Board has also discussed about the measures for more efficient business processes, which contain the organizational changes with the purpose of better controlling of business performance, faster taking of measures and better management of all business activities, which are focused on each strategic business segments at all levels, also by the Management Board. Thus has the Supervisory Board adopted the proposal of the Management Board, in which the new working areas of some Board Members are defined:

  • Mr. Franc Bobinac – president of the Management Board and also responsible for the Ecology, energy and services division
  • Mr. Branko Apat – member of the Management Board, responsible for the Home appliances division
  • Franc Košec – member of the Management Board, co-responsible for the Home appliances division and the area of industrial equipment and tool and die making
  • Mr. Uroš Marolt – member of the Management Board, responsible for the Home interior division

The working areas of the Board Members Mrs. Mirjana Dimc Perko and Mr. Drago Bahun are staying unchanged.

At the same time has the Supervisory Board on the proposal of Mr. Philip Alexander Sluiter adopted his recall as the Board Member. Mr. Sluiter will for now on entirely focus on the activities of the company Atag Europe B.V. in the Netherlands.

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