Friday, 10th April 2009, Milano

A new designer team-up

A new designer team-up
Nika Zupanc, one of the most prominent Slovenian designers of the young generation, will present her work at the Milan Design Week from April 22nd to 27th this year. The designer whose innovativeness and boldness are said to excite and push the boundaries of creativity will reveal her exhibition titled I Will Buy Flowers Myself at the famous Zona Tortona in Milan. The exhibition will also include this year's novelty: the mini hot plate Mrs. Dalloway designed especially for Gorenje. Mrs. Dalloway is deconstructing the myth that household appliances are only made for kitchens and housewives. Like most Nika's products, it is different, boldly innovative, and playfully witty. Due to its unusual shape, it comes closer to resembling a fashion accessory than a kitchen appliance.

Following the cooperation with the famous Italian design studio Pininfarina and the keen French designer Ora-Ïto, Gorenje is now betting on the talent and boldness of designer Nika Zupanc who has won numerous awards both in Slovenia and abroad. Her creations have introduced freshness and a gentle female touch into the often minimalistic and cold world of household appliances. Thus, the appliances are elevated to exclusive fashion accessories.

Mrs. Nika Zupanc is known as bold industrial designer with a special feel for emotional extravagance. In her work, Nika Zupanc tackles the daily themes which almost iconically symbolize mediocrity, dullness, boredom, and temporal restraints. She makes intentional moves to address the constructed role of women in contemporary society. New technologies, advanced engineering and explosions of new materials are employed as new outfits for the new relations and understandings that she is putting forth to counter the established ideas. Her designs have won several professional awards and she has been hosted at numerous prominent exhibitions from London to Milan.  

Zona Tortona is considered one of the central locations of the Milan Design Week, featuring only select examples of creativity and innovation in industrial design from around the globe. Having established itself as a design-minded household appliance manufacturer, Gorenje deems the opportunity to appear at this event, alongside designer Nika Zupanc, too important to miss.