Thursday, 23th April 2009, Milano

Worldwide premiere in Milan

Worldwide premiere in Milan

A deliciously rebellious mini hot plate

The exhibition I Will Buy Flowers Myself by Nika Zupanc at Superstudio Piu at the Milan Design Week (April 22nd to 27th) also presents an extremely charming novelty: the mini hot plate Mrs. Dalloway that Nika Zupanc designed exclusively for Gorenje. The Mrs. Dalloway mini hot plate is deconstructing the myth that household appliances are only made for kitchens and housewives. Like most works of Nika Zupanc, it is different, boldly innovative, and playfully witty. Due to its unusual shape, it comes closer to resembling a fashion accessory than a kitchen appliance.

Being a single plate, it has a seemingly simple genetic structure. However, this is also all the simplicity you will find. The design and production processes were painstakingly delicate because the “haute couture” approach of paying a dear price for perfection was employed. The mini hot plate now fumes out all the expectations about kitchens and duties and “Hausfrauen”, and redirects your attention to a less obvious intellectual feast. This is an ode to the invisible pathologies of our everyday lives. It is a dedication to our crawling selves that are being lost somewhere between our roles and our images, between what we promise and what we actually manage to deliver.

Mini hot plate Mrs. Dalloway, Gorenje designed by Nika Zupanc
A hot novelty that sublimates from a household appliance to a daring icon of contemporary urban life. Hot mini!