Monday, 4th May 2009, Milano

Mrs. Dalloway Breaks Hearts at the Milan Design Week

Mrs. Dalloway Breaks Hearts at the Milan Design Week

Hot Mini from Gorenje

The world premiere of the Mrs. Dalloway mini hotplate from Gorenje designed by Slovenian designer Mrs. Nika Zupanc was a triumph. This year, Nika Zupanc became the first Slovenian to be featured with a solo exhibition at the Superstudio Più on Zona Tortona, Milan. Her exhibition was more than successful as several displayed items, including Gorenje's mini induction hot plate Mrs. Dalloway, charmed the visitors and representatives of the global media.

At the Milan Design Week, Nika Zupanc put up an exhibition called I Will Buy Flowers Myself. This succulent collection of passionate items also included the mini hot plate called Mrs. Dalloway which thrilled the audience above all with its unusual form which makes it reminiscent more of a cult fashion accessory than of an actual cooking appliance.

According to the designer Nika Zupanc, the entire exhibition drew remarkable attention: "In a way, Milan exceeded my expectations. The response to the exhibition and the entry installation was exceptional. Even before the opening, some of the key figures of contemporary design were impressed by it; immediately after the opening, journalists, architects, visitors, and above all gallery and shop representatives took a keen interest in my work as well. While the entire exhibition was met with words of praise, the Doll House installation at the entrance and the Mrs. Dalloway mini hot plate clearly stood out. Particularly the latter seemed to win and break the hearts of the visitors with its intrinsic 'out-of-the-box' style, given the overall concept of the Superstudio Più contemporary design museum. Needless to say, the remarkably successful presentation of my work in Milan was also fostered by the fact that two of my products were successfully presented, respectively, by the global super brands Moooi and Moroso."

Milan Design Week is considered one of the most notable events of its kind. The organizers estimate that this year it was attended by over 25,000 visitors from across the globe. Given Gorenje's vision of an innovative, design-led creator of products for the home, its presence in Milan, alongside designer Nika Zupanc, is all the more important.