Tuesday, 9th June 2009, Velenje

Gorenje and Mr. Franjo Bobinac remain among the most reputable

A high-ranking market research company Kline & Partner, boasting years of experience in researching public opinion both in the general public and within business community, announced the results of its recent survey on the reputation of Slovenian managers and companies. This year, Gorenje ranks just under the very top of the list of 50 most reputable Slovenian companies while Mr. Franjo Bobinac, Gorenje president and CEO, was found the most reputable manager in the country.

Gorenje has managed to maintain the position of the second most highly regarded company according to the general public opinion in Slovenia, despite the economic crisis. This can be seen to underline the notion that high reputation is an intangible asset of a company that yields a permanent competitive edge and works as a means to absorb, dampen, and mitigate the shocks inflicted by a crisis. The three most important aspects defining Gorenje's reputation, according to the survey, included quality, care for employees, and clear vision and excellence of leadership. Hence, Gorenje's considerable departure from the industry average in terms of reputation, also contributes to a boost in the reputation of the entire industry metal products, machinery, and equipment – an industry that is traditionally not held in high esteem.

The survey ranked Mr. Franjo Bobinac, Gorenje president and CEO, on the top of the list of the most reputable managers; thus, Mr. Bobinac has become the most highly esteemed manager in Slovenia. Such commendation is particularly important in these severe times as the general regard of managers and the managerial occupation in the last year has suffered notably across the globe. Hence, personal reputation of Mr. Bobinac has contributed to the esteem of the company under his command and of the occupation of a manager within the business community.

Gorenje, a company that has not seen such strenuous conditions in the last twenty years of its operation, is very proud of these achievements. We are pleased to see that the public has observed and learned to appreciate Gorenje's concern for all stakeholders, even in a time of crisis.