Sunday, 6th September 2009

Another lively day at the IFA Fair

Another lively day at the IFA Fair
Today, Slovenian Ambassador to the Federal Republic of Germany, H.E. Mr. Mitja Drobnič, visited Gorenje's exhibition area at the IFA Fair. He was impressed by Gorenje's splendid presentation and by the numerous novelties and innovations developed by Gorenje to fight the effects of the crisis and to reaffirm its place among the world's major home appliance manufacturers.

Gorenje hosts H.E. Mr. Mitja Drobnič, Ambassador of the Republic of Slovenia in Germany

Mr. Drobnič was impressed by Gorenje's successful performance in Germany. Upon today's visit, he commented: "I am very pleased to see Gorenje, a flagship of Slovenian industry, perform well for a number of years in an exacting market like Germany – and to market its appliances under its own brand. When presenting Slovenia's innovativeness, entrepreneurship, and business performance in Germany, I always proudly refer to Gorenje whose long and increasingly firm presence in this country undoubtedly contributes significantly to Slovenia's reputation in this part of Europe."

The IFA Fair, considered the main event of the consumer electronics and home appliance business each year, is also an excellent opportunity to consolidate year-long business partnerships, and above all a platform to forge new ones. Gorenje is very happy with the deals made thus far. "Compared to last year, deals agreed on during the fair are 50 percent above the last year's performance in the first couple of days. The impressive presentation at the IFA also reaffirms our position in the market and underscores our path of a design-minded manufacturer of products for home" said the host, Mr. Klemen Prešeren, director of Gorenje Germany, after the first three days of the vigorous verve at the fair.

Being the single largest European market, Germany is highly important for Gorenje. Purchasing power, stability of consumption, and the mere number of households and inhabitants make Germany one of the key European markets in which Gorenje is working hard to prove its value. The highly competitive environment with strong and innovative domestic manufacturers is a great challenge to Gorenje, making continuous investment into development of new products and marketing approaches quite essential.