Thursday, 26th November 2009, Velenje, Slovenia

Even in the crisis, brand value Gorenje increases

Even in the crisis, brand value Gorenje increases

Gorenje has increased its brand value despite the financial and economic crisis. According to results of a study performed by the independent European Brand Institute from Vienna, the value of the brand Gorenje increased by 13 million euros to 458 million euros in comparison to last year. Thus, Gorenje remains the most valuable Slovenian brand.a

More than 3000 companies in 24 countries and 16 industry sectors were included in a study on European brands called EuroBrand. In 2009, brands in the financial service (-23.5 %) and car industry (-9.6 %) suffered the strongest decline in value whereas the consumer goods brands are regarded as the winner of the crisis as their value increased by 5.8 %.

The study results expose the positive effect of clear brand positioning and strong emotional bond between a brand and consumer especially when consumer demand weakens. 

The Vienna institute has performed the study since 2007. Every year Gorenje is rated the most valuable Slovenian brand.

Gorenje president and CEO Mr. Franjo Bobinac: “Next year Gorenje is celebrating its 60th birthday and for 60 years Gorenje has been present as the brand in the segment of home products. The milestone anniversary is an unquestionable proof of the value Gorenje holds among consumers; Gorenje has been increasing it by developing continuously new, environment-friendly appliances with cutting-edge technology and excellent design.”