Tuesday, 3th November 2009, Velenje, Slovenia

Gorenje Issues a Safety Notice concerning Some Models of Fridge-Freezers

In order to ensure its buyers the highest degree of safety Gorenje has issued a safety notice concerning some models of fridge-freezers.

Under certain circumstances a potential fault may occur on one of the components that may cause a hazardous appliance failure. The safety notice applies only to a small number of Gorenje fridge-freezer models with certain serial and article numbers.
Detailed information on models, serial numbers and article numbers of the affected fridge-freezers are published on Gorenje websites in the countries where fridge-freezers were sold.
Although the said risk of hazardous appliance failure is minimal, Gorenje is taking a precautionary measure by announcing this safety notice informing the owners of affected fridge-freezer models of the potential risk in order to ensure them the highest degree of safety.